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Have an amazing startup idea in mind? But, don't know where to or how to start from? This is the case with most of the young minds out there. Lack of right mentorship and direction often brings an abrupt end to their entrepreneur dreams. In order to make the startup scene a little more easier for all those first time entrepreneurs, a young individual and his team have developed an app called the "KPCB Edge Office Hours".

The KPCB Edge Office Hours is basically a first of its kind communication application where startup and entrepreneurship enthusiasts can ask their queries about anything related to setting up a new startup and get instant reply from one of the three partners of the Kleiner Perkins' Edge Fund, which is the firm's early stage fund focused on emerging technologies like drones, virtual reality and digital currency.

Anjney Midha, Roneil Rumburg, and Ruby Lee, the three partners of the firm, take out at least two hours a week from their busy schedule to answer questions in real-time, while they respond to non-office hour messages throughout the week.

Midha, youngest of the three partners, has himself gone through the initial entrepreneur hiccup phase and understands the frustration that comes with it very well. Even after getting through Stanford, Midha couldn't get the type of access with Venture Capitalists as he got with professors during office hours arranged at the campus. In one such on-campus "office hour" set up by Kleiner Perkins' general partner Mike Abbott, Midha was hired as the youngest partner at Kleiner Perkins.

The app allows people to have a one-on-one conversation with one of the firm's partners as nothing is broadcasted and the person's identity is fully protected.

Since the app's launch on 24th July, the app has already been downloaded in 17 different countries around the world.

Midha's ultimate goal with this app is to change the way the venture capital works.

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