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"Time is money". This particular saying becomes even more important when we talk about entrepreneurs running small businesses having a global presence. While they have to face all the regular problems being faced by a small business owner, they also have to make sure that their products/services match up to the international standards of quality. In order to do so, they have to learn the art of multi tasking and time management as being a small business, they don't have truckloads of money to invest in hiring a different person for every profile. In order to help such entrepreneurs get through just fine, we at IndianWeb2 have combined a list of 6 must to follow tips. They are as follows:

  1. Make a central calendar -

    Having multiple calendars at multiple places to remind different tasks is only going to mess up things for you. Instead of the paper one, we recommend you to go with an online calendar like iCal or Google calendars to consolidate all your to-do tasks into one place. Further, you will be able to access the calendar from anywhere at anytime.

  2. Communication -

    Clear and fast communication is the key to high productivity. Most of the times, most of our time is spent on communicating the same thing to multiple people back and forth. Small business entrepreneurs can now makes use of the various online communication tools available in the market to save the valuable time wasted on this back and forth communication. Tools like GoToMeeting, Wrike, Hipchat etc. can be used to hold virtual meetings, collaborate and view documents together and for internal chat between team members etc.

    • GoToMeeting to hold virtual meetings, collaborate and view documents together

    • Wrike or DeskAway for task and project management

    • Slack or Flock for internal chat between team members

  3. Automate -

    Running a small business means being in touch with multiple people/business leads at the same time and communicating the same thing to them again and again. Hence, wherever it allows, automate your repetitive tasks. CRM software helps one to store details about customers overseas so that anyone in the company can quickly access them.

  4. Managing the various Time Zones -

    Being a small business having a global presence demands time management across different time zones. While it might be 9 in the morning in your country, it might be 5 in the morning in your client's. In order to know the perfect time to arrange a video conform or tele-conference for your international clients, one can make use of the World Clock Meeting Planner and sort their meeting schedule forever.

  5. Delegate some of your duties -

    While being a small business entrepreneur demands you to multitask but always remember, you're human and you can't function 24x7 without any breaks. Make sure you employee some trustworthy and talented people whom you can delegate work and take some time off as and when required. You can even consider employing freelancers or virtual workers in the same city as your clients. This will help you in saving a lot of time.

  6. Partners -

    Being a global business, time and again you may have to ship products/things to your customers' countries. This isn't as easy as it seems. One has to adhere to product restrictions, customs classifications and other red tape of their customers' countries while shipping products overseas. Going into all these details might end up eating a lot of your time and hamper your productivity- unless you decide to employe someone or have a partner who has had a consider a experience in handling such tasks.



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