Starting up a new business isn't a child's play. While one does need to have a killer idea and resources in place, over and above this, one needs to have the required gumption to able able to pull through the difficult times as owning a business isn't going to be a smooth ride. This entrepreneurial route becomes even more rocky when it comes to women entrepreneurs. A while back, we had even carried an article about how India was among the least favourable places for women entrepreneurs. In order to help all those women bitten by the entrepreneurial bug tide over the difficult times without much difficulty, we here at Indianweb2.com have made a list of 23 business tips that can help women entrepreneurs survive this overly dominated men's world.

Here we go!

1) Get a mentor -

Everyone needs help. You aren't Superman to know everything from legal to production to marketing. Take advice from someone who has already successful started a business. Their experiences, successes and failures will help you learn a lot about the field you're about to enter.

2) Remain focused -

Make it a point to remind yourself why you are doing this. Keep a journal or make a poster or list to keep yourself motivated.

3) Dive in with an open mind -

Having pre-conceived notions and assumptions hasn't helped anyone till date. Dive in with an open heart and mind and success will surely never leave your side.

4) Set small goals in order to achieve that big one -

Always set small goals for yourself and reward yourself each time you achieve something. This will keep you motivated and hungry for more.

5) Take your employees along -

Always remember that your employees are the oxygen on which your company is surviving. If they're happy, your company will automatically make profits. So, make it a point to take proper care of your employees.

6) Deliver your hundred percent at every level. It's your business, always remember that.

7) Be aware about your strengths and weaknesses.

No human being is perfect. Acknowledging ones weaknesses doesn't mean that that person is weak, it means the person is strong enough to talk about it and work on it. Further, also try to know about your employees strengthens and weaknesses and allot them work accordingly.

8) Follow a collaboration over competition model and always go for the win-win situation.

9) Encourage and Appreciate -

While your words of encouragement might just be simple, plain words for you, they could mean a lot to your employees. Always remember to encourage and appreciate them on their good work as it provides them the gusto to do the work with double the motivation than they were previously putting in.

10) Be aware -

Always remain updated about what's happening around, even outside your industry too. More awareness leads to more creativity and ideas.

11) Maintain healthy relationships -

Arguments and unhealthy competition in the workplace leads to unnecessary tension. Always maintain a happy and professional relationship with all your clients and employees as they are your ticket to personal growth.

12) We all are emotional human beings -

People are known to operate 90 percent from emotion and 10 from percent logic. Make sure that you provide your employees an emotionally stable environment at workplace.

13) Choose your employees carefully.

Make a team of people having different skill sets and style.

14) Set your goal -

Always have the bigger picture in place and work towards achieving it.

15) Only work on an idea that you're really passionate about.

Don't do something just because of the financial goodness that it brings in as in the long run it won't help you.

16)Make Healthy Enviornment

Make sure you have a healthy environment at your workplace and no one is dominating over anyone. As long there are dominators and people who are getting dominating, there isn't a place for peace and good work at the workplace.

17) Find those peaceful escapes -

Always remember to take small breaks in between to keep your creativity fresh and alive.

18) There's no age for learning -

Make it a point to learn everyday from everyone. Whether it's your mom, your employees or even your driver, everyone has certain things and attributes that one can learn from.

19) Have faith in your sixth sense.

Trust your intuition in situations where you can't find your way out.

20) Money is important for your business. Keep it coming.

21) Be responsible.

Take responsibility of your actions and don't play the blame game ever.

22) Have faith

Have faith in your beliefs but don't shy away from listening to someone else's perspective. Listen to everybody and do what you feel is right for you.

23) Network -

Networking has becoming an essential part of our lives nowadays. So, come out of your cocoon and talk your way to success.

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