Do you keep uninstalling applications and clearing pictures from your smartphone because of the memory restraints you face on your device? Do you have to uninstall an old application in order to install a new one? Well, with different applications available nowadays for day-to-day chores like grocery shopping, booking a cab, ordering a pizza etc., a phone with a dinosaur sized memory is what we need. If you're also facing all these issues mentioned above, then, worry no more, because we might have an awesome solution in place for you. The solution is called Niki.

Niki is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Automated messaging platform that can process customer orders and boosts of being a one-stop destination for ones all commerce needs. All one has to do is chat with Niki and one can recharge his phone, book cabs, order pizza, book travel tickets, book hotels, order food, laundry, appointments and do other such activities in a fraction of a second and that too on one single platform. Not only this, Niki will also provide you with recommendations, offers and arrange products and services especially tailored made according to your needs. It does so by learning your preferences over time because of its machine learning build.

With AI assisted buying experience, Niki aims to solve the problem of users where in order to fulfill all the commerce needs, every user need to install over 30 Apps which eats up the phone memory, slows the phone down and is extremely uncomfortable to use so many Apps. On the other hand users love to chat where-in they have forcibly adopted to web and App interfaces. So Niki is driving commerce via chat.

Currently, the startup is entirely focusing on developing the product at hand, as up till last three months, they were in stealth mode. Niki has just been launched a couple of weeks back. It is a preview release with invite codes being given to only a limited users. The startup is hopeful of starting in full force from July start and provide its user base with more than five services.

What makes this Udaipur-based startup's platform different from any other chat commerce platform already available in the market, is the fact that Niki is the only one that is able to process orders without human intervention. Additionally, they offer fast interface with no lag in response whatsoever.

niki app screens

Niki is founded by four IIT Kharagpur wonder brains, Sachin Jaiswal, Shishir Modi, Keshav Prawas and Nitin Babel. Sachin has worked at Oracle and co-founded a database management startup called Innovaccer, Shihir has founded and worked at Energo while Keshav is an ex-Amazon employee.

Targeted at huge 950 million mobile user base of India, Niki will soon be available on sms in the near future in order to benefit those without an internet facility. Currently, it is only available on Android.

So, if you're looking for a chat-based personal shopping assistant who is at your service 24x7, then NiKi is the app to download.

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