Does your job profile include attending late night parties or returning home at the wee hours of night? Do you have to then sit through long lectures of your loved ones who are always concerned about your whereabouts and stay awake till the time you have safely returned home? If this is an everyday occurrence in your life, then we just have the best solution which will put all the worries of you and your family regarding your safety when you're outside to rest for once in for all.

Operating out of a small town called Ratnagiri, situated in the Konkan regions of Maharashtra, the team of Kidhar Hai is providing people with a complete location ecosystem for people, vehicles and assets.

Kidhar Hai is a simple location tracking app for tracking the location of your friends, family members, vehicles and other kind of important things. The features of this app have been made by keeping personal safety and family safety in mind.

Searching for one single person in a crowded street, among a sea of people isn't only a little intimidating for the person standing there but it is equally a scary situation for the person searching for his/ her acquaintance. In such situations, we usually stick to the conventional phone calls and try to follow up with SMS’s and texts. But in reality, during such situations, such mediums come of a little help as both the communicator and the receiver aren't able to apprehend what the other one is trying to convey. This is where the Kidhar Hai app comes to the rescue.

The thing that sets the Kidhar Hai App apart from all its counterparts is that it gives us the luxury of using one single app to track our vehicles and loved ones. It's simple UI and battery saving options are an added advantage.

The app comes with a SOS button and a Real Time Location Update feature that helps your family know about your location 24x7. Further, it also comes with a Location sharing feature, using which you can help a person locate you easily in a crowded place.

Top 5 things that 'Kidhar Hai' app is trying to resolve through the application:

1. Increasing crimes against women
Solution – SOS Button
In case of help, women can tap the SOS button on the application and an alert with her location details will be sent to her near and dear ones as well as Kidhar Hai members in the vicinity.

2. Worried family and friends when you are travelling in an unknown city or area
Solution – Real Time Location Update
Users can allow family members or friends to get real time location update ensuring their safety.

3. Searching for someone in a crowded street or fixing a vantage point for car pooling.
Solution – Share a Location
Allows everyone a stress-free and hassle free travel to any new place through the application.

4. Managing on-field task force
Solution – Real Time Location Update
Kidhar Hai application fetches you real time location of your sales force thereby allowing you to access their location and assign them tasks accordingly.

5. Unnecessary delays, over speeding, maintenance eats up Fleet business profits.
Solution – Kidhar Hai Vehicle Tracker
You can even manage your logistics by embedding GPS enabled Kidhar Hai device in your vehicle and minimize their maintenance costs as well optimize their routes to ensure efficiency and better productivity.

The Kidhar Hai team has also considered the needs of non-smartphone users. They can get location updates via missed calls or SMS feature.

So, if you want to feel confident and safe, no matter where you go, download the Kidhar Hai Android/iOS App here.

Madhur Jain and Razin Naik came up with the idea for Kidhar Hai after witnessing the alarming rate at which crimes against women in our country were increasing. Madhur has previously worked with eNTesla and Infosys Technologies while Naik was an employee of HDFC Bank and Tata Consultancy Services.

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