The primitive years of a child are the foundation of what he/she will grow up to become in future. These are the years when they need extra attention, guidance and care to grow up to become a successful individual. In order to help parents and teachers achieve this for their children and students respectively, a Kolkata based startup has developed an app called Arch-The Way.

Arch is a safe and free way for teachers to connect with their students & parents on their smartphones. Not only will the teachers be able to maintain a constant contact with the students and their parents but they will also be able to share files and broadcasts messages to the entire class. Further, the students, teachers and parents will also be able to share feedbacks privately with each other.

With Arch, Teachers can broadcast messages & files to the entire class or receive feedback from the student parents privately. Some of the other feature of Arch are:

  • Messaging: Teachers can send messages like major class updates homework reminder, exam updates, emergency messages etc to their students or parents. They can also send messages to individual Student/Parent for sensitive issues like fees reminders or complains.

  • Files: Teachers have ability to send Images, audios, video, along with Ppt, Doc & Pdf up to 100 mb. This makes sharing study resources very easy for them.

  • Future Scheduling: Teachers can plan their week ahead. All future updates will be sent automatically as scheduled.

  • Feedback: Teachers can receive feedback privately from the students & parents & respond to them, if necessary, at their convenience

The app is based on the principle of simplicity, safety & privacy. Therefore in keeping line with this principle, parents/students and teachers aren't required to exchange phone numbers in order to connect on the app. Every teacher is assigned an unique class code to which the student/parents can subscribe via the app.

The app which is available on Android, Windows & iOS helps teachers to send major message updates regarding some important project work, assignments, class tests or emergency messages like extension of holidays and rescheduling of a major school event etc.

Arch-the way is a product of hard labour of Rudresh Chowdhary, Nikhil Bajoria, Soumya Malani, Abinash Biswal & Nitesh Agarwal. The comfortably bootstrapped startup isn't looking to raise funds for now as currently they just want to stay completely focused on their product.

"We cater to the problem of communication between teachers and their students or parents. There is a disconnect between them due to limited time and communication. We are trying to bridge the 'Gap' and increase the engagement. Our 'Feedback' feature actually helps an Educator to grow," said Rudresh Chowdhary, Arch.

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