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Ed-Tech Startup TutrApp Wants To Democratize The Learning For Students In India


Social Media is the language of the new generation. They are practically 24x7 online, chatting with friends, browsing through websites and apps or playing their favourite hi-tech games. A Bangalore based startup called TutrApp understood this quality of the current generation and integrated it within their app in order to combine their two most important essentials, education and social media.

A strict follower of the philosophy “A mind is a terrible thing to waste but a beautiful thing to invest in," the startup aims to democratize the learning for students even in the most far flung of corners of India. Every child in India has a fundamental right to education and people at TutrApp believe that every child should not only have a right to education but every child should have a right to quality education.

TutrApp is basically a mobile application that helps school going children, aged between 12 and 17, engage in a one on one learning session with educators on chat. It is first educational app in the country that provides chat based live interaction and works on GPRS connection.

TutrApp essentially wants to change the entire concept of 'Tution Classes' by digitizing & democratizing it for all irrespective of their locations and economic status. As, not every one in developing country like India afford tution classes and even if they could there are demerits and pros. for a typical tution classes, such as - a student, while sitting in a typical brick-and-mortor class with bunch of other students might feel overshadowed by loud students or may feel hesitant asking questions or might not ask questions frequently because of language barriers or compulsion.

With TutrApp, however, any student can chat with tutors/experts in Hindi, English or Hinglish and the discussion will be confidential. Moreover, students using Tutrapp get more time to discuss their questions and doubts without worrying about time and enjoy noise free interaction. And above all, Free!.

TutrApp claims to be first educational app in India that provides chat based live interaction and works on GPRS connection also.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

This self funded startup aims to solve the queries and curiosity of students regarding a particular topic then and there by chatting with an educator rather than have to wait for an entire day to go to school the next day and solve it.

Founded by IIT-Varanasi (BHU) alumnus Abhishek Gupta, Manoj Kumar and Kumar Deepak, the startup wishes to help students even from the rural of the rural villages to get access to quality educators on their side. The startup also wishes to empower thousands and thousands of those girls and women who are educated but remain out of the ambit of formal workforce. It also acts as a platform for young adults to add to their incomes by answering queries of the children on the chat.

"we want to help students even from villages to get access to quality educators on other side, we wish to empower thousands of girls and women who are educated but remain out of the ambit of formal workforce. Beyond the gender diversity it becomes an open platform for young adults to augment their income by investing time in answering queries of children.," said co-founder Manoj Kumar.

The startup's future plans includes adding more classes and subjects in the coming months and enable educators to work from anywhere in the country. They will also provide career counselling services to students through their app very soon.

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