Google, the search giant, isn't just a search engine. This best friend of students all around the world is also a great resource in the hands of people stepping their first foot in the world of startup industry. With their limited budget and manpower, they can always back on Google to be there for them and makeup for both, the limited budget and the manpower.

Here, we have compiled a list of five Google tools that all the young entrepreneurs can use to make their lives easier and merrier.

  1. Google My Business - Anything free is always good. Isn't it? And, when the free thing is free advertising, it is even better. Yes, it is actually a thing. With Google My Business, one can easily claim their business listing by updating all their profile information to provide potential customers all the information they are looking for when they are considering to do business with you. By completing your profile, the chances of your business getting listed higher in results is much higher when customers are searching something related to your industry.See what we mean when we searched for 'web development company gurgaon' below:


  2. Google Plus Page - A Google+ page is a must use tool for every business. Regularly updating content on your Google Plus page will help you rank higher in search results. Each post/content that you post on Google + has a unique URL, that can be easily found by someone searching for similar keywords. You are also provided with the luxury to design your page according to your brand, and connect with people of similar interests with the potential of turning into positive leads. Further, if you enjoy an active audience on Google+, you can also make use of the share button and have it on your website. This is because, the search giant uses social signals as a ranking factor, so if people are sharing your content frequently, you will start to see positive plus

  3. Google AdWords - If you were looking to give a little push to your business appearance and visibility, then Google AdWords is the tool for you. This online advertising program helps you reach your customers and grow your businesses image much faster. Sign up on AdWords, select where your ad appears in the search results, set a budget according to your comfort and then just start measuring the reach and effectiveness of your campaign.adw-example

  4. Google Drive - This is a hot favourite tool among businesses nowadays. Its ease of use, and the ability it provides to share information rapidly among numerous users is the reason for its huge success. Google Drive is basically a cloud storage service that allows one to store and share documents, photos, videos, and much more online. With 15GB of free storage, Google Drive reduces the workload of sending those scores of emails back and drive

  5. Google News - In such competitive times, one should always remain updated on what's happening around in the world in general and what's new within the industry they're working. Google News is a great tool to remain updated on all the current events and news


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