We all must have had that one friend (in my case, almost all ) in college who was always low on budget. He or she became the reason for all the cancelled plans for outstation trips, weekend nights-outs and weekly movie plans.

Being in college is tough. You have a limited budget and the desire to do unlimited fun from that limited resources. In order to help such college students all around the world enjoy their college life to the fullest without thinking much about the price tag that it came at; a Noida based startup is solving this problem of college students where they need to reach out to middleman to buy/sell used books, electronics, furniture and rent an apartment/PGs. This is costly, inconvenient and untrustworthy.

The startup called is an online platform that solves the money woes of students by promoting collaborative consumption among them. In order to make sure that the platform is able to benefit as many students as possible, extra effort has been made to make the website easily accessible on mobile, laptop and the student friendly tablet.

From PGs to books to Carpool available for to and fro trips to college, used-books, notes, Furniture and Electronics anything and everything can be bought on this platform. The interesting thing about this platform is that only students are allowed to post advertisements on the website. This means once a buyer has narrowed in on a product, he/she can meet me the seller in the campus itself and complete the transaction. The platform not only helps the students save money and time but also helps them understand the meaning of sharing and saving the environment. Not only this, it will also help students expand their social network within the campus. Thus proving to be a win-win situation for them.

The one thing that makes different from other such ventures in the market is the fact that it is a peer to peer marketplace addressing the needs of the educated youth of the society. It helps the buyer students save money and seller students make money by eliminating the middlemen from the the process. Further, the platform also provides the consumers the convenience of seeing the product before locking in the final deal. This is made possible as the transactions happen within the campus or a place within the vicinity of the campus. Since the buyer and seller are from within the same campus, the satisfaction and trust factor is already given.

The startup which is currently looking for seed funding, has been founded by two engineering graduates, Prashul Agrawal and Vedansh Agrawal. While Prashul has more than seven years of experience as a technology consultant, Vedansh is a fresh graduate from U.P. Technical University.

So, if you're a college student or know anyone who is, tell them to check out right now and start living their college life without any budget constraints.

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