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HelpMePapa Is An Interactive Platform To Search & Hire Best Lawyers In India


There are various junctures in life where we end up getting ourselves in trouble and need some sound legal advice to rescue us from the same. Notably, over 17 Lakh new cases filed every month in India and sadly there are no legal "brands" across the country, unlike hospitals and moreover, organized national consumer legal firms are rare to find.

HelpmePAPA.com, a New Delhi based startup, is here to provide its customers with just that. Why depend on your friend's sister's friend recommended lawyer when you can yourself find the best lawyer according to your needs and that too minus all the searching trouble.

HelpmePAPA.com is an extremely easy to use interactive online platform that makes the task of funding and hiring the best Lawyers in any city/court in India a cakewalk. At HelpmePAPA. Com, they believe, that everyone deserves access to first-rate, professional legal advice from the best Lawyers out there.

With HelpMePapa, one can search and select the lawyer based on his/her need – search by Specialization, City or Court Name; Choose and Book the way you would like to consult with the selected Lawyer – Email/Phone/Meeting/Video Call/Your Home or Office. HelpMePapa, then facilitate the consultation with your selected Lawyer, the way you want it.

The startup has been founded by Rohan Mahajan, a Law graduate from Law Faculty (DU) having 14 years experience in BTL marketing across APAC. According to him, his company's mission is to disassociate the negative experience image attached with the legal procedures in India and make it a remarkable one for every Indian citizen. They plan to do this by making legal services cost-effective, on-demand and high quality for every need.

The online platform boosts of having handpicked some of the best legal experts in India across criminal defence, property dispute, family issues, corporate law, IPR & several other areas of expertise. Its user base comprises of more than 3 Crore people searching for legal advice at Google each month and about 17 lakh people who file cases in Indian Courts every month. The Lawyers listed on the platform have practice across 22 cities, and 150 courts across the country.

According to Mahajan, the one thing that makes HelpmePAPA.com different from others is that unlike any of its competitors they are highly curated and believe in providing its customers with 100% quality.

With an aim of becoming the starting point of everyone's legal journey in India, the startup is looking forward to associating with 1000+ lawyers across top 30 cities of the country by August end. They also plan to have At least 50 legal experts per metro; 10 per non-metro; 2 per small town. So, next time you get into any kind of legal trouble, you know where to head straight to.

The platform is currently on a lookout for funding to the amount of INR 2 Crores to scale up its operations. Funds are majorly required for Website Enhancement & Maintenance, hiring additional teammates, Marketing & SEO and Operational Expenses.

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