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Those five days of the months are the most uncomfortable ones for all females coping with menstruation periods. Mood changes as if it is on a swing, going up and down in a second, you start hating things you loved and you start loving things you hated.

When you are on period, all you want is something which keeps your mood alive and keep the ongoing mood swings in check. A lot of times, our period becomes an unpleasant period for those around us because of the unreasonable behavior we exhibit during that time.

Understanding the trial that periods can have on a woman's mood and body, Being Juliet, an out-of-the-box startup especially  for women also led by a women herself, Rashi Choudhary, has come with a solution to make those five most dreaded still awaited days of the month bearable. Notably, BeingJuliet is India's first Period subscription box service.

The New Delhi based startup offers its subscribers a monthly box of sanitary goodies. Along with the sanitary supplies, the startup also packs in small but thoughtful gifts for its subscribers to help them tread those painful five days. Women can choose subscription of 3 Months (Rs.1650) , 6 Months (Rs. 3300) or a full 1 Years' (Rs. 6600), What’s more! Your pack also carries small thoughtful gifts/surprises each month.

With BeingJuliet.com, women can pick their brand, pick their personal combination of XL Pads, Regular Pads, Tampons & Panty Liners. Select Last Menstrual Period date online through the website and BeingJuliet will make sure it reaches you before you need it.


The goodie box reaches its subscribers five days before their periods in order to save them the ordeal of running to cosmetic shops at the very last moment.

According to Rashi Bajaj, founder of BeingJuliet.com, "The current lifestyle of a modern girl or woman while she is swinging in between the boardroom, her home or her child’s PTM leaves no time for her. So much so that, more often than not, we forget that our periods are due the next day." Rashi gave this statement in an interview to yourstory.com.

Firstly, It was difficult for her to make the customers understand the value proposition of the whole concept and Secondly, she had a hard time convincing the traditional marketers as they thought this wasn't the right way of promoting their products but in the end, everything came together for Being Juliet and Rashi. The customers loved the concept and the marketers understood it.

BeingJuliet.com is Rashi's second startup venture. She is also the founder of Carpet couture, a startup that makes customized carpets and rugs. After completing her MBA, she also worked at Infosys for 8 months post which she started 'Carpet Couture', a boutique for Customised Contemporary Handmade Rugs & Carpets. The Idea was to offer exclusive Couture Handmade Rugs for High End Residences & Projects.

The path wasn't all merry for Rashi and she also had to face a few hiccups like any other startup.


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