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Safety is the main concern nowadays. With the number of rape, murder and robbery cases increasing day by day, the number of people stepping out to enjoy at night or even in broad day light has decreased drastically.

The primary concern which we have while stepping out or even planning to step out is how would we commute.

In order to make travelling a part of the day that we would love rather than dread, a Bangalore based startup has come up with an app called RideSafetyApp that boosts itself as being the first REAL safety app for women in the world while commuting via road.

The app is a product of the wonderful minds of Geet Garg and Nishith Rastogi, who are IIT Kharagpur and BITS Pilani graduates respectively.

The app makes sure that whatever be the area or time of your commute, you're safe and sound and makes sure that your family knows the same.The app with its state-of-the-art RealTime Route Deviation Detection (R2D2) engine is extremely easy to install and use.

Though the taxi aggregators like (ola,uber,meru) have introduced the tracking feature, but the person tracking the ride will have to keep checking the link, every 5 minutes, But RideSafe would automatically inform the user and his contacts as soon as we notice deviation from the intended route! This can be extremely useful in places where the user is travelling for the first time.

A sample trip link, that is sent to user's selected contacts - http://goo.gl/MPMZKa

Once installed from the app store, the user is just required to enter his/her destination and the rest will be taken care by the app.The app will alarm the user if and when the driver deviates from the intended route.

If the driver deviates from the intended route, the app's algorithm will detect this in real-time and alert the user & user's family and friends. The app accounts for minor detours, shortcuts, traffic detours and several other edge cases.

Ridesafe stands out from a sea of other road safety apps available in the market for women. What makes it different is that fact that while in other applications the person tracking the ride is required to check the link in every five minutes, that is not the case with ridesafe. In ridesafe app, this function is done by the app itself.
As soon as it senses a deviation, the app will automatically buzz the user and his/her contacts.

Along with offering safety benefits, Ridesafe also provides its users with a host of other features.The application can be used to measure the total time taken to complete the journey, to calculate the average time and speed during the trip. It can also be used to sync up during meetings.

The app's user interface and UX are very simple and clean. The app can be downloaded free of cost and has the potential of putting all travelling worries of women to rest once and for all.

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