Are you one those persons who is always asking for more? The one for whom variety is the flavor of life? If the answer to both the questions is yes, then this product might interest you. The device is called MaxMyTV and it will literally maximize your television viewing experience. MaxMyTV is a Smart Hub that upgrades your TV to a Home Automation and Social Media Control Center.

Developed by Chennai-based Internet of Things Startup, MaxMyTV is essentially a Smart Box that sits between your TV and set-top box and works towards improving two prime areas of Television watching experience for its users - Home automation & Social TV.

Television is the prime source of entertainment for a lot of people in India and sometimes we get so engrossed that we don’t want to miss even a second of the program or the match that we’re watching and whenever such as situation arrives that you’ve to choose between missing your favorite show or taking care of some other household work, we’re left in a lurch to choose between the two. But with MaxMyTV, this won’t ever arise again.

Android based MaxMyTV Smart Hub is primarily a Home-Automation System that automates your home and overlays alerts from Sensors, IP camera and Social Media on TV broadcast video.


The device provides you with a luxury to control your home sensors and view its detailed analytics right from your TV. The user can access the Smart Hub with the help of the AirMouse Qwerty Remote Control. They can even control all their home automation devices right from their own Smartphone. The added bonus is that all this can be done while you’re watching your favorite show as all these features will appear as overlays on your current Television screen.

For example - Say you want your TV to automatically turn on and stream video from your front door camera when someone is at the door? (Think pizza delivery) and in another scenerio when you would like to have the lights, heat and music turn on when you enter a room?, this when MaxmyTV come with the solutions. MaxMyTV will act like an invisible Robot and carry out your orders with the set rules you select.

Founded by embedded systems designer Robert Kennedy Manoharan, hardware designer Saravanabhavan Chandrasekhar and applications developer Evangeline Santhakumar, MaxMyTv comes with smart accessories like sensors and beepers that can be attached to home devices. A smart hub that sits in between the television and set top box streams footage on the TV/smartphone screen as overlays or alerts and also enables the user to control almost every other device in the house via the television.

maxmytv features

Kennedy says "the reason for choosing TV as the main medium, while most IoT products are centred around smartphones, is because it serves as "the best alert system" with "better video-audio system."

Social media has now become a way of life and Maxmytv makes sure to cover this aspect of current generation. This IoT startup has integrated social media with TV to give social TV. Now you can check your social networking sites , mails while still enjoying your television serials.By pressing the 'Social' button on the remote control, you'll be able to launch Social TV applications such Facebook and Twitter as a sidebar on your television screen.

Not only this, Android based MaxmyTv device will also give you the luxury to interact with Live TV shows. And, if you're still asking for more, then Maxmytv sure doesn't dissappoints you. The device also comes with power metering which will allow its users to track which device uses the most energy. With this, you will be able to manage your devices and electricity bills better.

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