Flipkart, India's most successful startup till date, is soon going to make a move to an app only format. With technology advances making shopping on the go a reality, more and more people are accessing these shopping sites on their mobiles in order to make use of thier free time while waiting for something or travelling in a metro etc.
Same route is being followed by the e-commerce giant for its Myntra unit.

"Last year, we had more on the app, but still did our web and desktop. In the next year or so, we're going to be only mobile," said Michael Adnani, vice-president, retail and head of brand alliances, Flipkart said in a statement . He further added, "A year ago, 6% of our traffic was coming from mobile. In less than 18 months, that traffic is 10-fold. That shows the significance of what a mobile phone is doing for the consumers and consequently doing for us."

According to Adnani, with the rates of transactions mirroring the increase in the traffic on the app, this app-only platform move was in the pipeline for sometime.

With over 40 million registered users and 20 million products on the platform, Flipkart is the largest e-commerce platform in India.

India with 243 million users is currently the third largest Internet market in the world.This figure is expected to cross 580 million in a period of another three years.

Starting from May 1, Flipkart acquired Myntra will only be available in an app format. According to Adnani, this decision was taken after it was observed that the the website's growth on the application was higher than that of Flipkart.

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