SchoolCom Launches SmartTabs In Schools

Changing the way schools operate is yet another credit to one of the most eloquent disciplines of the decade- 'Technology'. As to the core influences of technology in schools, it is speculated to have solved the spot on problem of stagnant data and sparse communication for the stakeholders. The X generation of consumers in retrospect had humdrum routines of receiving education on blackboards and performance reports on customary school-printed cards. They rarely sufficed the complete information sought by parents and students. Moreover, teachers taught without personalized approach towards students mainly owing to the lack of real-time and targeted information at their disposal.

SchoolCom is a cloud based analytics platform which was developed with the sole proposition of fine-tuning the ineffective information system in schools. Till date, it has been able to successfully leverage management of affairs at schools by serving real-time insights availability, visual representation of report cards, detailed performance analytics concerning each student and topping all with germane two way sms alerts exchanged between parents, students, teachers and principals. Hence, connects the dots by bringing all stakeholders together.

Contributing more innovation, SchoolCom has launched its flagship product, “SmartTab” for the utility of principals and teachers at schools. SmartTab is ubiquity focused device pre-fed with master data of a particular school viz. student records, modules, teachers, sections; etc. Moreover, the tab has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity and offline-online syncing technology which does away with any impediment to the access for the user. Tabs have different usability in the technical insights with respect to teachers and principals.

[caption id="attachment_98276" align="aligncenter" width="700"]SchoolCom's SmartTab product being inducted in JSS School Dharwad- Hubli SchoolCom's SmartTab product being inducted in JSS School Dharwad- Hubli[/caption]

SmartTab empowered Principal of a school can take management decisions sitting at his desk with succinct statistics presented in the form of infographics as deep till each classroom and individual student studying in it is covered. Using SmartTabs teachers are no longer needed to confide their reliance in tedious manual records of grades, attendance, section comparatives and much more. The master data enables them to feed real-time records against it and the servers flip those data into presentable insights ready to be used by teachers.

SmatTabs have been successfully piloted in two schools, JSS School Dharwad, Hubli Karnataka and Achyuta Public School, Dindigul Tamil Nadu over two months of inception. A base of around 100 schools who have partnered with Schoolcom and the confidence of dealing with a database of over 1 lakh students in south region, SmartTabs come well rounded with anticipated projects.

SchoolCom's co-founder Mr. Bhuvana Kotteswaran, who is a young technology entrepreneur says, "We have already tested SmartTabs in two schools and response has been overwhelming. Never before in two years of partnership teachers have come to us and discussed the product and its pros with us and even suggested more applications. This has been inspiring for our diligent techies who have been working hard day-in and day-out for the project implementation. We do believe in the market need for this product and plan to take it to as many schools we can this year".

SchoolCom, registered under the corporate name Banyan Learning Solutions India Private Limited is a firm headquartered in Chennai. It came into existence in 2012. It is a cloud based product which helps to make sense out of school database and presents insights in the form of graphics, statistics and color codes to make the information interesting, easier to assimilate and purpose driven. Product encases digitized report cards, sms alerts, elaborated and insightful analytics for every student, and zero percent data entry from the schools. The product has already gained goodwill in the southern region and has been successfully serving more than 100 schools
and 1 lakh students in Chennai and Bangalore. Further plans are to penetrate other tier 1 and tier 2 city schools pan India; such as Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and more in coming years.

With employee strength of 60 at present, they aspire to become the largest and only complete school analytics platform in India. They plan to reform the data entry processes in the schools with the introduction of flagship technical device meant for the use of schools. They are a team of young techies and marketers with a mission to simplify our education sector. Enhancing their services further, they work towards providing schools and parents with real time personalized communication services, thus breaking an experience gap between the two stakeholders. They are on the course to pioneer a healthy education system in India.

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