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'The Big Fat Indian Wedding' - A lot has been done by our fellow countrymen for ages to make this term a global cliché which we take pride and smugness in equal shares.

Didn’t the Bollywood flick Band Baaja Baaraat leave you enthralled on how much effort is put in in bringing your D-Day to the expectations that you dreamt of? And what all is done surreptitiously to put forward the best show for your special day in front of your invitees? Well, 7vachan is up-to the exhilarating yet exhausting task to bring all the elegance in your wedding, with all you have to do is to contact them.

7vachan makes sure that families make the right decisions (obviously after you've chosen the right partner, which they’re not going to help you with!) by ensuring the best experience, at the lowest prices, with the least hassle by providing their experience as wedding 'consultants'. The team helps their customers with all aspects of a wedding – from venue selection to shopping services, from selection of experts like photographers and make-up artists to the Destination Wedding Venues.

Parul, one of the team members gave an insight on they go by their business. She says "With our experience of over 250 weddings, we are using our understandings to build a series of tools aimed at solving specific problems. Together, these tools will create a ‘Wedding Concierge’ for our customers, providing them with the same tools as professional event managers ensuring seamless, easy and cost-effective weddings."

"We are not matchmakers or wedding planners," stresses Minnat Lalpuria Rao, the founder of this venture with an MBA degree from ISB. "Wedding planners help organize theme-based weddings, while we act as consultants."

Located out of Mumbai, 7vachan has been simplifying weddings since 2012. Initial investment was done by family and friends and actual round of investment has come from angel in the ISB/IIM alumni network.

"The most crucial and challenging aspect of a wedding is choosing the right venue. We have created an online venue selection platform, which allows users to input their budget, wedding date, and other preferences. It then gives a list of venues that fit those requirements, and allows users to finalize their venue in 30 minutes. Also, 7Vachan guarantees 10-50% savings on wedding venues, with 25% being the average figure. As for destination weddings, the average savings could be as high as 45%. We can offer these savings to our customers because they negotiate for one wedding whereas we do for a 1000. In today’s market, saving that amount on premium wedding venues is simply unheard of" says Puneet, who is the COO at the firm and also happens to be an ISB alumnus.

With such a gigantic market and people’s love in this country for the big weddings, the team is geared up to face severe competition and it would take no less than a herculean effort to pull off a top notch performance, every time. Wedordinator, as they like to call it, would be there to take care of the venues to the menus, and would help you have a stress-free pre-wedding period. With all the blessings 7vachan will be bestowed with from their clients, they are sure to be the heavy weights of the wedding industry.

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