Microsoft’s Imagine Is Your All-Access Pass For The Software Tools You Need

People who love to code have a reason to celebrate. Understanding the difficulties and challenges that one has to face while learning to code, Microsoft, the software giant, has launched a new website called Microsoft Imagine where students of all ages and skill level will be able to find all that they need to create games and applications. Whether you’re a nine year old wanting to create your first game or a 22 year old college student with an aim to develop apps and sell them in app stores, Microsoft Imagine is the place to be.

Microsoft has some amazing programs like DreamSpark and Imagine Cup which connect university student developers with free tools, great opportunities and contests to learn, grow and hone their skills. With Microsoft Imagine, Microsoft wants to welcome younger students who are taking their first step in this amazing world of coding.

The website was launched by Microsoft on Dec 5, 2014 in order to celebrate the Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code, however the new tools were launched for free use just 4 days back. Microsoft Imagine is a cornerstone of Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative.

For starters who have never coded before in their life, the website has free softwares like the Windows App Studio, Kodu Game Lab and TouchDevelop. WebMatrix 3 and Small basic are available for students who are ready to move into the real world of coding. These softwares will help them learn website development and programming. And for the experienced ones, there are free tools like the Unity game engine and Visual Studio Community which will let them code like experienced professionals do.

In the coming months, Microsoft plans to bring out several such projects for students which will help them code, create games, apps and that too for free. It is even contemplating expanding its Imagine Cup global student technology competition to younger students.

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