There is good news in store for all OneDrive users. Microsoft, the software giant, has decided to give OneDrive users an extra 100GB storage absolutely free of cost and that too for a period of next two years. The offer is a part of Microsoft's Bing Rewards programme and it has already started from last week. All the interested cloud storage enthusiasts didn’t have to redeem their Bing Reward points in order to only sign up for a newsletter. The only drawback here was that the offer only worked in the United States as the Bing rewards programme runs in that region only.

To access the deal simply click on this deal and get 100 Gb extra Onedrive storage for free.

OneDrive Permissions

All the OneDrive users outside of the United States of America expressed their disappointment on not being able to be a part of this amazing offer and on seeing this, Microsoft decided to open the offer to anyone, in any part of the world. The 100 GB storage link is a little complicated to use but for 100 GB worth of free storage, it is not that much tough a task, I guess.

And, if you’re one of those, who have already used their free 100 GB storage offer by Microsoft, don’t be disheartened because there is something more in store for you. All thanks to a new promotion by the software giant Microsoft, all OneDrive users having a valid Dropbox account can now get an additional 100 GB free storage. All they have to do is visit the OneDrive bonus offer page and verify their Dropbox account there. This storage offer is only valid for one year.

It is quite interesting to see a promotional campaign by a big company like Microsoft targeted at a small competitor like Dropbox. The amount of free storage space offered by Dropbox is nothing when compared to the one being offered by Microsoft. How long will Dropbox be able to take this pressure of offering cloud storage for free and sustain itself, remains to be seen.

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