Interview with Ablab founders

ABLab Solution is a leading technology solution provider in the field of Robotics, Embedded System & Automation. Started in April 2010 by Shakti Abhishek and Arun Kumar Garg, this startup is based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

"ABLab Solutions is more than a mere technology development company, it is a movement. A movement to empower people with real innovation, thereby enabling the creation of a knowledge society which in turn shall propel the economy through knowledge based interlinked eco system," says the founder Shakti, the CEO.

ABLab Solutions has rolled out many products and services in the learning space to make learning pervasive in a very short time. They provide product design, development and related services with end-to-end solutions in Robotics, Embedded System & Automation along with a platform in the educational robotics & embedded system in the higher education segment.


Shakti Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast who loves speaking, selling, mentoring & exploring new things. He started his first company in third year of his B.Tech & failed with the other two ventures (ITCSINDIA, Mechahwaks Engineering Pvt. Ltd) gaining experiences of failure.

Arun Kumar Garg is a passionate embedded programmer, tech lover & an AVR enthusiast who loves to play games, follow politics & do business. He works mostly on embedded technology and has written many tutorials as an author.

"When we were actively making and learning about robots in beginning of our college days, we faced many difficulties in finding proper resources. We were really sad by looking at the scope of Robotics & Embedded System in India. Robotics & automation is the future of technology and a need of next tech generation which is being exercised and even taught at grass root level in countries like China, Japan, USA and Germany," says Arun, the director. They wanted to have a technologically advanced country where everyone knows robotics and embedded systems. "Today most of the devices in our everyday life from mobiles, laptops, to anything automatic are an example of Embedded Systems," he adds. Thus they started education technology services to help students, faculties, colleges, schools, hobbyists & R&D professionals through various multi-faceted technology programs, online & offline resources and act as a one stop solution provider in the field of robotics & embedded system & automation.

They also provide a one stop online electro-market place known as 'Electroshop' where one can fulfill all his tech needs through wide range of electronic components, hardware, robotics kits & spares, sensors, development boards and much more. They have also initiated ‘Direct to Home’ service in our Electroshop segment which helps customers with easy delivery options. They also offer a unique service, ‘Knowledge Centre’. It is an online web portal for tech savvies & hobbyists which offers sample codes, tutorials, datasheets & software’s in robotics, embedded & automation segment. They have made it easy and simple for all those who want to nurture themselves from a beginner to a tech professional.

They develop & design products on embedded and robotics for educational purpose and also help in device development and making prototypes in embedded & automation technology for private R&D firms and organizations. They have successfully conducted more than 800+ workshops, trained more than 80,000+ engineering students and delivered more than 2000+ engineering projects & are approaching towards an exemplary achievement. After providing training in the best colleges in India - IISc Bangalore, IIT Guwahati, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Kanpur- the company has been awarded the ‘Best Educational Technology Company in Eastern India 2013-2014 @ Global Education excellence Awards 2014’. They have also emerged as the ‘Best Robotics & Embedded System Company in India’. They have opened their wings for International Tie-ups with organizations like KCST Nepal, RAN Nepal etc.

This team of 15 people is working on technologies like Embedded C, Java along with manufacturing different kits, circuit boards and sensors. For their testing and analysis, they use PCB designing tools and simulation software's. They plan to launch few products on home automation & security systems through a separate product division next year. They also plan to take up few govt. projects and implement innovative education schemes to enhance the quality of education by making it more practical and technological at lower and untouched level of youth.

The company is bootstrapped. The founders share a little story of the first few month into starting up. "We slept on our office floors up to 4 months and we were staying there. We actually started with nothing and no support from people," says Shakti. "There was lack of motivation and technology exposure among students, faculties and college management in Odisha. This was a big hurdle for us. The response from people initially was very slow. Unavailability of resources in Bhubaneswar added on to the pain," adds Arun. It took them time to make their base strong. As a message to future entrepreneurs, Shakti says, "Perseverance and Self-confidence are the two most important things. This is what is going to take you to moon."

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