Nowadays, the one thing which we worry the most about while going outside is not our clothes, hair or make up, it is about finding a safe parking space for our car. Most time of our evening is spent worrying and wondering if our car is safe at the place we parked, as the last thing you want when you return to your car at 12 in night is to rush to the police station. If you are also one of those who constantly worry about finding a parking space for your car, you have found a wonderful solution in Constapark.

Constapark is a parking solution which provides its users with information about the nearest available parking anywhere and anytime they want. The Bangalore based startup even allows its users to book parking in advance using its integrated booking engine. This means you don’t waste your time hunting for a parking space, you just need to drive straight to your designated parking space and voila, you’re done.  Constapark saves your time and makes sure that you spend your outings worry free.

Booking a parking space on Constapark is a simple four step process. The first step involves entering when, where and for how long do you need the parking space. The second step makes you browse through an extensive range of discount coupons and selecting a coupon of your choice for your parking slot. The third step requires you to pay for the parking space that you have selected. Constapark provides you an option to pay through their secure PAYTM payment gateway. The options to pay through net banking, credit card and debit card are also available. The fourth step involves getting a SMS confirmation about your parking slot on your registered mobile number and receiving your discount coupons on arrival at the selected parking slot. It is as simple as that.

The founders of Constapark, Mehul and Chetan, got the idea for the startup when they went to see an IPL match during its fifth season. After watching the match, they decided to celebrate at their favorite pub. By the time they reached the pub after braving the heavy traffic and police security, they couldn’t find a parking space for their car and by the time they found a parking space for their car, there were no seats in the pub. This resulted them in going back home without any celebrations. This taxing experience triggered them to come up with a parking solution and Constapark was born.

Constapark compete with other good player already in the online parking booking market such as - Pparke, however unlike Constapark, Pparke is more of a 'mobile app' to reserve a parking place in advance although it doesn't provide any discount coupons for shopping, food etc. which Constapark does and which definitely gives Constapark an edge.

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