Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft has something wonderful in store for its users. The technology giant has finally taken the holodeck route with Hololens. Microsoft Hololens are completely wireless holographic glasses. They come with see-through lenses, spatial sound and advanced sensors. They are a self contained unit as they have their own custom CPU and a new Holographic Processing Unit to work efficiently.

Microsoft Hololens has been designed to work completely independent. It doesn’t require a computer or a phone to wirelessly connect to in order to work. The glasses are somewhat similar to Google Glass but are definitely bigger and better. The Hololens blends the real world with lifelike virtual objects by making use of different kinds of ocular image techniques. Microsoft Hololens can be expected to be launched at the same time as Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Being a Windows 10 device, the glasses will be capable of running any application that a Windows 10 Smartphone or computer normally able to run. The only prerequisite is that the app should have some holomagic User Interface programmed in.


Along with Hololens, the technology giant also revealed a new version of its Windows that perfectly blends holograms with real world video. This new Windows will provides its users with an augmented reality version of the environment around them that perfectly combines real objects with virtual, and virtual interface elements, information boxes and their guidelines viewable with the help of a wearable headset device.

According to Microsoft, the Windows Holographic can allow engineers to directly see the instructions overlaid on the objects that they are currently working on. It may also provide architects with a chance to survey and showcase their designs to clients located far away.

The Hologram support in the tech giant’s Windows 10 is universal. This means you can build once and use it everywhere. Microsoft is also working on making this Hologram support compatible with all kinds of new and emerging hardware on the block. This includes the Oculus Rift and Magic Leap.

In order to support Microsoft Hololens and Windows Holographic, the tech giant has built a HoloStudio, a three dimensional modelling tool that helps people in building holograms. These holograms are then integrated into software or 3D printed for physical use.

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