Future Of Car Pooling Startups In India

1) A brief description about yourself.

A computer science graduate from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology having 6+ years of working experience as Technology Specialist with Wells Fargo. Born in Varanasi and bought up in the beautiful city of Guwahati, Assam. Also a core member of The Hyderabad Entrepreneur Society

2) Why did you start with Zify ? What’s your vision ?

Zify was started with the vision of making people’s daily commute simple and fun. With the rise in income and various finance schemes, private vehicles are becoming more common and increasing in number where as the road infrastructure remains the same. The traffic congestion is getting worse every day and the rising fuel cost is adding to the higher vehicle ownership cost as well. With all these factors, the daily commute for an average office goer is becoming an unpleasant and hectic experience. Most of the people today are suffering from TSS or the Traffic Stress Syndrome, resulting in unnecessary honking, rash driving, road rage and accidents. People are becoming more disconnected than ever. We want to change that. We want to provide an alternative mode of daily commute option which is comfortable yet affordable for the passengers and gives the car-owner a platform to recover their vehicle ownership cost. People need not travel alone and can meet great new people daily and make their daily commute much more fun and a happy experience along with contributing towards a greener environment.

3) How do are you making Zify reliable, structured and flexible ?

At Zify, we invest a lot of time, effort and money in making the whole ride-sharing community more safe and secure. We have few mandatory requirements from the customers who register with us and our 3-Step verification process makes sure that each information provided by the customer is verified. For car-owner, we even do an in-person vehicle safety inspection to check the worthiness of the vehicle.

Our solution is designed using cutting-edge and industry proven technology which is capable enough to handle huge no of concurrent transactions in a speedy manner. Since our customers are going to be the ones who are travelling and are on the move, we need to make sure that the information or response reaches faster on our customers device and don’t make them wait.

4) How do you make customers trust the people they are travelling with ?

We are letting them know who they are going to travel with and what does that person do before even they travel! Also, the customers have an option to choose from a list of similar drivers and use their logical and emotional thinking to make the decision of whom to travel with. We harness the power of social media to create our user profile coupled with certain mandatory information which is verified by our customer on-boarding team. Once the submitted is verified, every user is given a “Verified by Zify” badge. We do have some other patent pending processes to add up to the overall security aspect of our complete business model.

5) Whats the future of car- pooling in India and what is this industry lacking right now ? what is needed to accelerate it's growth rate ?

The future of car-pooling in India in a way looks bright. It is still an unexplored area and at a very infant stage. People were unresponsive to idea before due to various factors ranging from security, timing or the basic hygiene facts involved. The existing solutions are not as dynamic as they should be in order to fully tackle the nuisances of a dynamic ride-sharing network. While the industry or the market in large has matured to a large extent in terms of affordable smartphones, accurate and inexpensive GPS services, I believe, there is still a lot that needs to be done from an Infra point of view. Unlike the other developed nations, where you have a dedicated carpool lane or a more dynamic government IT infra for background verification, things are changing for the better. It would be a matter of time when these things become more accessible and flexible to be used as a service by various companies which would in turn make the whole ride-sharing experience even more flexible, dynamic and secure.

6) How does Ubers ban and stuff like that impacts your industry ?

While the operating model of Uber and other similar taxi aggregator services are very different from our model, but it definitely has taken a toll on the overall market. However, it is very interesting to note that there has been an increased amount of response towards carpooling & ride-sharing services. The increase is because of the fact that we do not deal with taxi services or cab companies and all our service providers are normal working class folks who own cars. Majority of them are from the IT & BFSI domain who travel daily to office and back home. But not only we are putting in more efforts to win customer confidence and trust we are also relooking and re-evaluating all our processes to make sure there are no loop-holes or if anything has gone unnoticed

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