Do you have an address that is difficult for people to easily get? Does your food get delivered late because you've to spend a long time guiding the delivery boy lane by lane? Do you fear going to others home only because you will have to ask people on the street to get to the right address? Well, not anymore because an app called Zippr is here to bail you out of all these problems.

Zippr is a central location management application developed by Zippr Private Limted, a technology startup based in Hyderabad. The app works by shrinking a lengthy address into an eight digit alpha-numeric short code (e.g. ABCD1234) and easily share them with friends/vendors.

The app is available absolutely free of cost on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

Once you install Zippr app on your smartphone you will be able to see where you are on a map by clicking the add location tile on the Zippr app and save your location or you may want to fill the additional details about your address which could help someone to find you, thereafer you will be assigned a 8-digit short smart code which can be shared with anyone, either verbally via the phone or using the SMS and other messaging/social media tools.

Zippr Private Limited was founded by Aditya Vuchi in May 2013. With over 10 years of experience in the digital media domain, Zippr is Aditya's second successful startup.

"When I was in the US, I worked for a startup called Tribal Fusion, and realized how a standard address format (the address format in the US is consistent) allows great scale in communications, operations and logistics. Applying that philosophy of a standard format in India meant localizing the solution for our needs," said Aditya

Zippr was successful in raising $1 million funding from Indian Angel Network and a few other private investors in October this year.

"With me now on board, Aditya will have access to my network of contacts in the business to business space. I have invested in 23 startups so far. Hence, I will open up Zippr partnering my existing portfolio companies. Overall, Indian Angel Network as a network has substantial connects to accelerate growth momentum of Zippr. My one role would be to retain the focus on simplicity and listen to the users passionately," said Sanjay Mehta, the lead investor form the Indian Angel Network.

The app gives out different answers based on who is asking the question. For example, it might direct your friend with landmarks nearer to your place, a bank with your official postal address and combines both the landmarks and postal address for logistics and e-commerce firms.

According to Aditya, one of the pillars of Zippr is its privacy feature. It never reveals the owners identity. The company’s present goal is to make the app indispensable for everyone in India.

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