The Big Decision: Apple iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4

The moment is here. You are over with your old phone and are ready for a big upgrade, the upgrade that will affect your pictures, videos and your overall joy and experience of interacting with the connected and digitally social world in front of you. But which one of the big shots will be your gateway to the digital world? The new and bigger iPhone 6 or the already big and glorified Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Back in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, no one needed to think twice before they sided with the iPhone. It was flat out cool and packed with features that only a creative imagination could come up with. Not today, seven years after the introduction of the first iPhone, competition is so high with devices filled with beautiful aesthetics and useful technologies that sometimes we either have to sacrifice between technology and beauty or stick with the one feature that pleases us the most. It's a though call and we all know that. In many cases it even boils down to our own taste and coolness. But for the sake of the tough call between iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 4, we will compare some of the key concepts and features that will help you choose between the two rivals.

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple entered the phablet market and in that market Apple is still in its infancy compared to its rivals. Apple finally threw the towel in and went for a bigger 5.5 inch display for their iPhone 6 plus version although the display is smaller than the Note 4 (5.7” in size) but not a deal breaker. Both devices have the same size while for iPhone 6, the design and aesthetics of the exterior have undergone a major facelift and now are rounded rather than sharp.

iPhone 6 comes with an insanely sharp and bright display that will catch your attention and is Apple’s first to come with desktop class HVGA 1080p resolution. But Samsung tops that with even a sharper display. When it comes to camera, iPhone 6 now comes with the phase-detection autofocus for iPhone 6 which Apple topped that with optical image stabilization for the Plus version. While iPhone 6’s camera is great, Note 4 comes with a strong 16MP camera with a 16:9 aspect ratio that beats iPhone’s camera in technical specs. Both devices allow you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but Apple does that in a more simple and user friendly way than Samsung.

There is no doubt that Note, being in its fourth generation, is packed with more technologies and stronger features, but if you are attracted to simplicity, intuitive design, user-friendly interfaces and aesthetics, then the iPhone 6 would be your Phone.
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