Resumonk is an online resume builder that helps users in creating a professional resume in minutes. It helps them stand out from the crowd and multiplies the chances of landing their dream job.

Resumonk was built by Bharani Muthukumaraswamy when he had a hard time in with MS word and formatting issues while making a resume. He was an engineering student applying for various internships. He realized that there was no product in the market that could help students in making their resume without the hassle of MS Word. He launched Resumonk in April 2012 and received lots of encouraging feedback on from the users. He started a premium plan where customers would pay for their resume to be made. After receiving a lot of traction for Premium plan from the users, he went into his product full time starting June 2013.

He connected with Aditya Babbar through an online forum. Aditya just finished working on a SaaS product for CBSE schools and was doing consulting projects at that time. They worked on a project together to test out their working equation, and soon Aditya joined him as a Co-Founder. Bharani is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, while Aditya did his engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi. Aditya worked with Computer Sciences Corporation, Intel and Impetus before deciding to start his entrepreneurship journey.

"No one likes to jostle with formatting issues in MS Word and other editors, and there were not many good alternatives," says Bharani. "And we did not find any other software that helped users in creating a standout resume effortlessly," adds Aditya. Resumonk has beautiful resume templates, and an extremely easy to use editor that lets users create an impressive resume quickly.

The product has both free and paid plans. Resumonk Premium Plan lets users create & manage multiple resumes and gives them access to premium templates. They can download the resumes in pdf & doc formats, use custom fonts & colors, host them on a public url and get analytics reports to track who has viewed them. The free plan has a fewer choices of templates, and also puts Resumonk branding on the downloaded pdf resumes.

They are currently talking with various universities in US, and other career websites. We are also partnering up with other software providers whose audience is college students. The company is based out of Delhi with Bharani and Aditya the whole platform which runs on Ruby on Rails. They are bootstrapped and currently their weekly revenue growth rate is 4%. They plan to expand to different geographies and build a profitable business.

The company has always had decent traffic due to the demand for such a product. "But, we had to iterate and improve our product till it started meeting the expectations of the paying customers. We now have a solid product and are growing rapidly!" says Aditya.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Bharani says, "Make something that solves a pain point, do a high quality job and provide excellent customer service." To this, Aditya adds, "Make a product which will make the customers happy. There is no bigger satisfaction than having happy users for your product."

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