Are you a business which is struggling to keep a track of your product's visibility, pricing and promotion across different retail outlets? Worry no more because Redquanta is here to bail your business out of this problem and take it to new heights with its mystery audit and retail intelligence offerings.

Requanta is not just for companies and brands but also have offerings for customers/shoppers in India as well as companies are eager to know how well they are serving their customers, and are always ready to hear it from their customers. redQuanta's 'Mystery shopping' is a tool to measure the quality of service or products offered by a company. This is done by engaging mystery shoppers (secret shoppers) to evaluate various services and report their experiences.

Redquanta makes use of a network of 30000 plus trained mystery shoppers who are spread across 550 cities all over India to monitor and improve the sales and customer experience of your brand. It can even help you manage your staff's incentives and appraisals system by making use of reliable data. Redquanta also manages your franchise performance and saves you huge costs in comparison to in-house audits. It maintains price hygienic across the channel and checks and ensures presence of in-store marketing elements.  Redquanta being a third party auditor leads to better acceptability of findings which in return helps your brand/company.

Users who wants to become a mystery shoppers in RedQuanta's 'Mystery Shopper Program' can sign-up here. User who sign-up as mystery shoppers get paid for it and the pay differs from assignment to assignment depending on the scenario. Generally, assignments pay on average Rs.250 - Rs.2000/- along with reimbursement towards any purchases shoppers were required to make during the audit. Some purchases you can keep and still be reimbursed for. One can also become mystery shoppers on-the-go via Requanta Android app and iOS app.

RedQuanta claims to be India's fastest growing & one of South-East Asia's leading mystery audit service providers. Mystery Shopping is an effective & efficient way to improve processes & customer satisfaction across sectors & geographies. RedQuanta's clientele includes Pepsi, Microsoft,, Samsung, ITC India, Mahindra etc.

The Mumbai based startup has been founded by Pankaj Guglani and Prerna Bhutani. While Guglani is currently the CEO of the company, Bhutani is working as the CMO.

The startup's shoppers are equipped and trained to gather data from all fronts, be it products, ambiance, staff, hygiene etc.  The data is collected by verified shoppers, real people, who do their job exactly as they are supposed to do. The data collected by them is accurate, real time data, data which you can trust without any inhibitions. They don't just collect data but also make sure that the data is presented in a format that is quantifiable and objective, so that you can easily derive actionable outcomes for your product.

The startup's industry benchmarking data gives you a clear idea of where do you stand with the respect to the cut throat competition in the market. Redquanta’s in-house developed software allows instant access to data anywhere, anytime. The startup remains in total control of the entire audit execution cycle.

The company strongly believes "there is no secret routine; there is no magical number of reps and sets. What there is, is confidence, belief, hardwork on a consistent basis and a desire to succeed".

Redquanta is indeed a promising and innovative startup with unique business model and attractive offerings not for just its clients but for shoppers among common people as well. I don't think there are other players in India working in area of mystery audit and retail intelligence and RedQuanta is lone ranger in India so far.

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