PM Narendra Modi Joins LinkedIn

After becoming the second most followed politician worldwide on Twitter and enjoying a great popularity on Facebook, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined World's largest professional networking site 'LinkedIn'. You may see PM Narendra Modi on LinkedIn here.

Till date the PM of India have got more than 3.5 Lakhs followers and moreover LinkedIn has chosen Modi under its 'Influencer List'. Modi's phenomenal success in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections can be attributed to his terrific use of social media during poll campaigns. Modi and his political party is known for spending whopping sum of money over social media and online campaigns for him and his party to gain publicity and public outreach.

The whole profile summary of Modi on LinkedIn is very metaphorical and why shouldn't it be, as what a politician could write in summary of his profile and of course it is not written by him personally. Notably, there is nothing in particular in education section of his profile apart from mentioning Gujarat University in it.

After Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and now LinkedIn the only major social media platform left for Modi is Pinterest which is more famous among fairer sex. We hope that IT team of Modi will see Pinterest as its next target to woo female population or better say 'female voters' of India.

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