Eating outside is fun but waiting for the bill to arrive later is a punishment. I’m sure thousands of us have had this dreadful experience of waiting for a long time after a meal and looking expectedly towards the waiter to arrive with the bill. Many of us might even have had a feeling of fleeing without paying the bill. Natasha Jain once had a similar experience in San Francisco, where she had to wait for a painful 20 minutes to get her bill. This experience of hers set her thinking and after a lot of thinking, she came up with Ruplee.

The Ruplee application has been conceived to make payments easier using smart devices. The app makes it super simple to make payments at a restaurant and also maintains a record of all the payments. The app is very user-friendly. The user just has to check-in with the app whenever he/she goes to a restaurant. This check-in notifies the merchant. After the user has enjoyed his meal, all he has to do is ask for the bill and pay using his credit or debit card.


The Ruplee app also helps you in keeping a check on your finances by maintaining a record of all your past payments. Splitting the bill when out with the friends is an added advantage of this app. On the top of it, you are also provided with discounts upto 25% on your next visit’s bill at certain drinking and eating establishments, once you have installed the app.

The app is free to download for Android and iOS devices.

The app has not only come as a boon for the customers but it is also of great help to the merchants. It provides them with ease, flexibility and lack of usual surcharges on card payments. Restaurant owners can even export the transactions between two dates in the form of excel sheets from the website and then use it for analyzing the customer’s preferences and run analytics.

Natasha Jain, a self-raised entrepreneur, is the woman behind this wonderful application. She has a Masters degree in Management Science from Stanford University. Before setting up Ruplee, she has even managed the much successful FreshMentors initiative that she founded in 2012. FreshMentors acts as an online college mentoring platform. Ruplee is headquartered with office in Gurgaon.

The app has been built by payment and security experts and is very safe to use. All your credit/debit card data is safely stored and encrypted. The payments are only authorized once the user has entered his CVV and 3D secure pin.

The eight-member development team behind Ruplee based out of Gurgaon have done a spectacular job of keeping as much data as possible on the device, which eliminates the need for a very fast internet connection, required in order to provide the 3D secure pin made mandatory by the RBI.

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