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We are now a part of the Alpha generation, where having a virtual presence is considered more important than having a physical presence. No doubt that the coming up all these hi-tech gadgets and technology has had a huge positive influence on our work and professional life but somewhere our personal life and relationships have gone for a toss.  The technology which was invented to lend a helping hand to the humankind has now turned into a serious addiction. The worst affected are the kids. The time which they should spend playing outdoor games is now being spent laying on the couch staring at a screen. Is your kid also one of them? Worry no more because Joyray tech has come up with a smartwatch designed exclusively for kids which not only educate, entertain them but also encourage parent-child interaction. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Jumpy from Joyray tech is a smartwatch exclusively designed for kids of age 5-8. The watch is compatible with iOS and Android devices and has Bluetooth connectivity and motion sensing technology which allows it to interact with other Jumpys, iPads, iPhones and Bluetooth smart toys.

What makes Jumpy different from all the other kids Smartwatches in the market is the fact that unlike them Jumpy not only help the parents keep a tab on their kids activities but also acts as a daily activity reminder, wrist controller for Bluetooth toys and a messaging tool. Jumpy combines the best of education and entertainment as it comes with some very interesting pre-loaded educational gaming applications which allows Jumpy to interact with other Jumpys and compatible applications on iOS devices. Jumpy promotes creative thinking and a healthy lifestyle among kids.

Jumpy's core unit is similar to the ARK Reactor of Iron Man. It is a detachable and stand alone smart module which acts as the heart and soul of the watch. By removing it from the wristband, kids will be able to play compatible interactive apps and games with their parents on iPads.

Jumpy also acts as your kid's best friend. It creates a friendly, virtual dog for them which talks to them and makes funny gestures just like a normal dog. The watch also allows you to monitor your kid’s daily activities. If the watch senses a prolonged period of inactivity, its virtual dog will remind the kid about it and encourage him or her to get active.

jumpy smartwatch colors

In order to attract the attention of the kids, Jumpy has been launched in a variety of fun colors like Capitan Blue, TMNT green, Clobberin’ Orange and Barbie Pink.  On the top of it, the watch band is interchangeable and can be changed accordingly to suit your kids’ mood or style. The watch has an oversized 1.6 inch touchscreen.

Jerry Chang, Founder and CEO, Joyray, believes that the key to creating a kids’ smartwatch with enduring appeal is to provide an open SDK and release new apps by Joyray and third party developers every month.

Jumpy is currently on Kickstarter, where it has raised around $64,000 till now, of the $100,000 it wants to reach by December 18. Jumpy’s Kickstarter price is $99 and it is scheduled to ship in March next year.

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