Using desktop version of websites on your Smartphones is a dreadful experience. The text is too small to read without zooming in, the links are super tiny and on the top of that the content cannot be viewed without scrolling sideways. I'm sure a lot of us might have faced this problem. This usually happens because the websites are desktop versions and have not been optimized to be viewed on mobile phones.

Google it seems has finally taken a note of this serious problem and has found a solution for the same. They have recognized that surfing the web on mobile phones should be an enjoyable and effortless experience and in order to provide the users with the same, they will now help them find out in advance about which websites offer a good user experience on mobile devices. From now on, whenever you search a website using Google search on your mobile phones, look for the mobile friendly label in the search results. Google Search will now add "mobile-friendly" to the descriptions of results that are optimized for your mobile phone.

Google will determine if a website is mobile-friendly using its Webmaster tool which is available to anyone to use.

The search giant is even encouraging users to reach out to the website owners of their favorite websites and let them know about their poor experience on their sites. Google now also offers a guide on how to build a mobile friendly site. The search giant even warned earlier this year that websites without mobile friendly versions will be ranked lower in its search results.


Google hopes that people will now ditch the scrolling, pinching and aimless tapping and welcome the new wave of mobile friendly websites with open arms.

Test if a page is mobile-friendly

If you want to see if Google thinks a web page is mobile-friendly, use the Mobile-Friendly Test.

How to make your own site mobile-friendly

Run the Mobile-Friendly Test above and follow the recommendations it gives. You can also go directly to Google's guide for mobile-friendly websites to get recommendations on how to make any website mobile-friendly.

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