EdLogIQ (which stands for Education Logic and IQ) is a Noida-based early-stage startup focused in Brain Fitness Sector developing innovative products for enhancing human brain health. The founders Raghu Raaj, Abhishek Krishna & Anish Singh have been working in this domain since 2012.

EdLogIQ started in Delhi and launched its 2 products Neuron Gym and Project Prodigy to make a difference in people’s lives and help them evolve in an environment of continuous learning.

1) Neuron Gym: Neuron gym is a scientifically developed tool designed to rewire the neurons in order to increase the productivity, creativity and concentration and decision making skills of an individual. With analytical tools embedded in it, Neuron Gym assures to track your performance with time for optimum results. This product is available as an Android app.

2) Project Prodigy: It is a career profiling test for students of class 9th-12th, based on the concept of Multiple Intelligence. On the assessment of aptitude and personality of the student we provide a detailed career report to guide them to select the right career.
Earlier Project Prodigy was conducted in Offline mode but they are now in the process launching the online version for it.

"I came across the concept of Neuroplasticity-The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. And then came up with the idea of enhancing brain through entertaining ways. This sector is in its infancy with few companies in US and some parts of Europe. We are the first and the only company in Indian subcontinent focusing on digital brain fitness," says Raghu, an IIT Roorkee passout. "A plethora of research is being done in the field of neuroscience and is one of the most emerging field for future markets. Also it is forecasted that the market for digital brain health to grow exponentially to $8 billion by 2018," added Abhishek, who also graduated from IIT Roorkee.

"Everybody wishes to be sharper and smarter. We do exactly that and that too in an entertaining way. Firstly we are keeping things simple, as a very large chunk of world population is not familiar with the concept of brain training through our scientific games based on the concepts of neuroplasticity, we are creating acceptance. The games are designed in such a way that both a 10 year child and a 60 year man can get easily through it. Secondly it’s free unlike other products in this domain," says Anish, an alumni of BIT Mesra.


They we have partnered with Centre for training in Primal Leadership (CTPL), Asia for collaborative research and are in talks with various research Institution in the field of neuroscience for collaboration. They have a team of 12 energetic young minds working on a variety of technologies and tools for website, app and product development. They have received funding (amount undisclosed) from Indian Angel Network (IAN).

In future, they plan to create "Physical Version" of Neuron Gym. “This will be a physical place just like any ordinary gym with the availability of both digital as well as hybrid physical games which will help people to get smarter, sharper and faster,” says Raghu. They are also going to start building brain training products customized for a particular profession. “For different profession different cognitive skills are required. We are soon going to start up with sports section, developing brain training platform for cricket and baseball players,” adds Abhishek. A second version of Neuron Gym (app) is in their pipeline with several new features and a better improved UI. They hope to launch this by December.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Anish says, "Believe in your idea but don't fall in love with it. Involvement is the key, try new things, commit mistakes but do learn through them. And remember 10 years down the line you will regret more for things you didn't do than things you did. So start doing." They believe that the best time to start is now!

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