All Events in City is an event discovery and promotion platform. The co-founders Amit Panchal and Ruchit Patel started this in Ahmedabad with the firm motive to bridge the gap between event seekers and event organizers. The Co-founders got the idea when they attended their first networking event. They had both realized that time there was no portal that would list the upcoming events in the city. The solution to this problem gave birth to All Events in City which is still growing and building itself.

During their graduation Ruchit and Amit both had several clients for whom they would provide services for web development. After their graduation they both got placed in MNC's and within a few months they realized that they wanted to follow their passion. They started a company under the name Amitech Business Solutions.

All events in city helps to discover events by city and interest. Having an inventory of more than 13 million events, the site is accessed by 2M users every month. The uniqueness of Allevents lies in the way it simplifies the whole process of sharing and viewing events. By shortening it to just one step (Facebook connect) and automating the burden is shifted from the user to the service. This automated system also helps increase the pool of events available. Currently they have a pool of event listings from more than 20 cities all over the world and the site is accessed by more than 2 million users every month. The variety of events available to the user, when coupled with tagging helps them satisfy the demands of both: a businessperson and a sociophile. They aggregate events from multiple sources, hence creating a pool of events on their portal.

AllEvents also offer services via its iOS app and Android app.

We asked them how their first few months were in 2011, and Amit said, “We started getting 500 hits a day from the first month itself, so the kick start went pretty good for us. But yes, the 3rd month of the startup was stressful, when Google stopped serving ads on our portal. The first revenue stream which we were exploring was blocked.” "Traction was rising rapidly causing servers to run down the revenue had come to halt for a while. It was really a tough time for us. But eventually things got working. We learnt a quick lesson from this and found our second revenue model in the business, Google also enabled ads for our website. We scaled our server infrastructure to cloud," adds Ruchit.

[caption id="attachment_97405" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Ruchit Patel & Amit Panchal, Founders of Ruchit Patel & Amit Panchal, Founders of[/caption]

They have partnerships with international ticketing companies. Currently they have a team of 7 people including two co-founders. Apart from the team, they have a very good community of people who are actively part of their venture in some way. You can check them out here.

The company was initially bootstrapped but started generating profit right after 3 months. Their plan is to outstand in Event Discovery and Promotion. “We believe every event seeker should be aware of events happening in their city with personalization of event listing, expanding global network, customer acquisition and awareness are the next in focus,” says Ruchit.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Amit says, "Be focused on what you are doing rather than doing multiple things at a time. Always listen to others and learn. Your startup may be not be your gateway to success but it will give you lessons that will help you in your future endeavors. You might face severe criticisms but if you have faith in your venture it is bound to succeed don’t give up."

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