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Tip: How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Tip: How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Do you also get up in the morning and reach out to your phone first thing in the morning to check the Facebook notification that beeped during the night leaving you all anxious throughout the night only to find out that it was a game request from one of your friend, and that too a game that you've never ever played in the past or even want to in the future, then this post has come as a savior for you.

We all have those friends in our Facebook friend list who keeps on sending us Facebook game requests and event invites, inspite of us begging them not to do so. These invites and requests just keep on piling up in our notifications and hampers our Facebook experience but, not anymore, as we at IndianWeb2 have come up with a solution to silence these unwanted notifications once and forever and help you lead a cleaner Facebook life.

Whenever a friend in your list invites you to play a game, you get pinged in your Facebook notifications area. Now, it make come as a shock to you that you, yes you, have the power to turn off these irritating requests from this very notification menu.


When you move the cursor of your mouse over the particular game request, you will notice a X on the right side of the notification. This X is the thing which will save you from all those unwanted, irritating and frequent game requests.


Just click on the X and it will give you two options, first one says Turn off and the second says Keep On, click on the Turn off option and Voila, you're free from receiving any irritating game requests from that particular game at least.

Further, if you want to block every notification you receive from a particular app, Facebook provides you with the liberty to do that too, just click on the 'Settings' options in the notification menu and then go to the 'blocking' option in it.


The blocking option also provides you with an option of blocking 86 events from friends. This option could previously be availed directly from the event page, but this has been changed recently. When you block event invites from a particular friend, your name won't be available for that person to select when he/she is inviting people to a certain event.

Under the block app invites, you can type the name of any particular app whose notifications irritate you the most and block them from sending any further notifications on Facebook. You also have an option of unblocking them, if you feel like it in future.

[Via - InsideFacebook ]

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