Are you a huge fan of online shopping? Well, this article might end up changing that forever.

Online shopping has become a rage nowadays. The range of products it offers, competitive pricing and quick delivery makes it all more attractive for the consumers. Nowadays whether you want a Smartphone or a small thing as a facewash, you can get it all delivered to your doorstep enjoying the comfort of your house. But what if one day you order a pen-drive and what gets delivered to you is an empty box, yes an E-M-P-T-Y Box. Sounds unbelievable? Ask Adarsh Anandan from Mysore about it and he will narrate you an ordeal that will change your views about online shopping forever.

When Mysore's Adarsh Anandan ordered a pen-drive from the e-commerce giant Flipkart's website, little he would have thought that a thing as small as a Rs.550 pen-drive will make his life so miserable.  In the past, there have been instance where online retailers have sent soaps, bricks or some lose papers instead of the real product that the customers ordered but Flipkart went a step ahead and gave this man an empty box, not once, not twice but thrice. Yes, you read it right, three times. This man was treated by an empty box instead of a pen-drive by the ecommerce giant Flipkart.

The first time that he ordered the product, its delivery took like forever but Anandan must have thought his wait will reap him sweet benefits but little did he knew what would be delivered to him would be an empty box of perfectly wrapped air. He took this issue to Flipkart and the ecommerce giant known for addressing its customer grievances promptly assured him with the delivery of a fresh product along with a monetary compensation of Rs. 55 with it. The second time the product arrived, Anandan wasn’t at home and his mother took the parcel on his behalf but when Anandan returned and opened the box, he was treated with shock again as the box was empty for the second time. But, this time when he took the matter to Flipkart, they refused to accept that there was any mistake on their part and in fact they indirectly suggested that Anandan must have kept the pen-drive and was creating a ruckus for no reason.

Frustrated by his experience, Anandan decided to place a fresh order for the product so that he can at least have the product that he has gone so much trouble for but this time he decided to video record the delivery. When the package arrived, Anandan received the ultimate shock as the box was empty for the third time but this time he had a video proof to prove his claims.

Here is the first person account of Mr. Anandan's ordeal:

When I ordered a simple pen-drive from Flipkart, I never thought that it would take them forever to deliver it, and a simple purchase will turn into a never ending nightmare.

On 24th October 2014 I placed the order but got an empty box delivered to my house. I took up the issue with Flipkart and they assured me a monetary compensation of Rs. 55 with the product. I asked for an apology letter with the product, however ever I never got one. I thought that it's only human to err, but was in for a shock when I was sent another empty box. I was not at home and my mother took the order.

I was furious and once again I took up the matter with Flipkart. This time they didn't accept that the fault was on their part, on the contrary, they indirectly started suggesting that maybe I have kept the pen-drive and making a ruckus just for no reason. They had my money and were not ready to resend the product.

Already having spent so much time and energy on this I thought that I should rather have the product now, so I placed a fresh order.

After receiving empty boxes the first two time, I thought that it will be a good idea to video record the order delivery and open it in front of them.

So when the package arrived I got one of the delivery guys to open the box for me. Since the product was Cash on Delivery I had to pay first to get the box opened. And for the third time I was stunned to see an empty box.

I am not looking for compensation, I have come out with this video proof because I want such Online Shopping stores to realise and repent their mistake, and stop taking the customers for granted.

When this issue was raised on a Facebook Page, Flipkart did replied and below is Flipkart's response :

flipkart response for delivering empty box thrice

Earlier Flipkart was criticized for its Big Billion Day Sale in October  this year when prices were deliberately hiked and then given discounts which was still higher even after discounts. Although, next day Flipkart did apologized and gave their part of stories and clarifications.

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