Do you love your car and desire the best for it? Then, this is for you. CariQ is a young Indian startup with a dream of making everyday commute easy and predictable through smarter cars. The company founded in 2012 is making cars smarter by connecting them to a cloud and allowing the car’s driver to make decisions about his/her vehicle based on real time data.

The IoT (Internet of Things) startup us based in Pune and has found investors from the United Kingdom, Singapore and India because of its unique idea. The company's CariQ Connected Car Platform works by deriving data from the microcomputer of the car and then posting it to the servers hosted on the cloud. This data is then analyzed and reports are generated on the car’s condition, driver credibility and much more.

CariQ makes use of its patent pending technology around engine prints in order to collect, analyze and present information to its end consumer. CariQ plugs into the OBD port of the car and then collects information from the various electronic systems of the car such as the air bag system, the engine, ABS, amongst others. All this data is collected along with the car's location information and transmitted directly to the CariQ platform. The company then crunches the data available to it in order to send actionable and meaningful data points to car owners.

[caption id="attachment_95929" align="aligncenter" width="700"]CarIQ device - available to pre-order at price tag of Rs.5999/- CarIQ device - available to pre-order at price tag of Rs.5999/- [/caption]

CariQ, the device, is a simple plug & play device which can be easily connected into any car. One just needs to open the door and connect the device to the connector near the steering wheel of the car. Once the CariQ device is connected to the car, it is intelligent enough to configure itself according to the car it has been connected to. The device supports various features like service alerts, towing alerts, 'Headlight On' Warning, Rash driving Identification etc.

The company has also undertaken a special initiative called the ‘Mad Scientist Group’ where teams of business and development groups will work on initiatives that do not have immediate business objectives.

According to Sagar Apte, founder and CEO of CariQ, his company wants to become the player that will connect various players in the eco-system at large.

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