Google, the search giant, has finally recognized the need for Indian language content on the Internet and announced the Indian Language Internet Alliance on Monday so as to encourage the same.

According to Rajan Anandan, Google India MD, the search giant has an aim of getting around 500 million users in India by the year 2017. Google also announced its Hindi Voice search option, which is also a part of its effort to encourage local language content on the Internet. The Internet giant also launched, a website that will offer curated content in Hindi language.

Following this announcement, Google Voice Search and Knowledge graph suggestions will soon be available in the Hindi language along with the option of multiple Hindi fonts from Things like keyboard predictions in Hindi language, a feature which is already available on Android One devices will also be extended to other devices.

Earlier in June this year Google started supporting voice search in Indian accent and dialects which work on the Google Search App for iOS, Android and Chrome browsers for laptops and desktops.

Google has realized the potential that India holds for them and has therefore been investing its energy and marketing efforts in the country. The search giant released its Android One devices with stock Android experience, standardized hardware and timely updates in September this year. Through its Android One devices, Google is trying to find its footing in the extremely lucrative and low end Smartphone segment.

The search giant took a definitive step in the Indian internet landscape with the launch of its voice search and translation feature in Hindi. According to Anandan, India has a total of 19.8 crore English speakers and almost all of them are online. Regional language content will act as a great means of getting more and more non-English speaking users online.

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