FeetApart is a social network based health platform (both web and mobile) for employee engagement and wellness. Based out of Bangalore and founded by two fitness enthusiasts, Abhishek Roy and Ashrith G, both being techies and having work experiences of several years. The team at FeetApart aims to motivate employees to pick up healthy habits and lifestyle and helps employers to reduce overall organization costs by improved employee productivity, reduced employee disengagement & attrition.

Feetapart is a competition-based platform where users form teams, share their physical activities and encourage each other to earn more points and get their team up on the leader board. These points are translated into frequent rewards in the form of cash & coupons. Also, they have a Gujarat based mobile app development company that works closely with them in their customer acquisition and sales tasks.

Abhishek says, "Me and Ashrith were part of the Data team at Qyuki Digital Media (a Shekhar Kapur & AR Rahman initiative) where we met. I have been a marathon runner for the last 7 years and have always wanted to do something related to health & fitness and the need to inspire others to pick up a healthy lifestyle was clearly innate. Ashrith, meditator for 7 years, conducted online meditation sessions for users across the globe. The idea took shape when Ashrith suggested building a social network around health and fitness. We realized we both complemented each other with the 'mind & body wellbeing experience' and we both loved inspiring others to get healthier. Given the sedentary nature of our jobs, we clearly felt the need of a platform (not just an app) that motivates users to do a little more (physically) and get healthier. Also, organizations struggle with lack of data about how engaged and active their employees are."


Ashrith adds, "FeetApart is built by people passionate about improving the lifestyle of others. To enable this, we have built FeetApart as an ecosystem, not as a product. We have wellness experts on our platform to guide and help our users achieve their health goals. We also have a flexible fitness app integration layer that can integrate with most of the fitness apps and wearable. FeetApart is a data-driven platform. We use data to power our goals and activity recommendation engine as well as an engaging dashboard to provide insights to both employers and employees. Simplicity and understanding of the beginner mind-set towards health and incentives are what make our product easy to use and adapt."


Currently FeetApart, with a team of 4 members, is in talks with other partners who can give them health based data and others with whom they can partner for offline activities. They are also talking to/looking for nutritionists and coaches to partner with us.

When Asked about the future expansion plans, Abhishek says, "We are looking at more fitness app/wearable integrations, intelligent data-driven workout plans, more wellness experts, food tracking, inter-organization competitions to list a few. We envision FeetApart as a global product and have a global go-to market plan for that. We are also in talks with an established organization to build a global consumer version of the platform. As of now we are bootstrapped. Although we are in talks with a few angel investors and are looking for some angel funding now to accelerate our sales and expansion process as well as drive engagement and support for our customers."

Ashrith says "It has been an interesting journey so far, B2B space has shown lots of interest and it's a matter of time when we can have around 10 organizations using our platform. We are also listening keenly to all our prospects and customers and making sure they benefit from our product. We recently exhibited at the GMIC Bangalore event and saw huge interest in our product."

Thinking that mistakes are inevitable and you need to quickly learn from them and move on to better solutions is the key philosophy that the team at FeetApart works on. Also, any work that is done is done while keeping in focus the benefits or values it adds.

With a strong message of "finding something you are passionate about, taking calculated risks and to learn from others mistakes and save time and frustration" for future entrepreneurs, Abhishek has this fear of leaving this world without having a considerable positive impact, for which, we wish him and the entire team of FeetApart, all the luck they need.

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