Delhi Based Startup Cloudlibz Helps Writers Collaborate Work Dharmendra Jadon & Ramesh Reddy, Founders - CloudLibz

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Cloudlibz is a social collaborative platform for the readers and writers. Users can write books, articles and magazines and can sell/publish directly and make their work reach higher audience. It is a social collaborative platform where people can get together and write books, articles in magazines etc. "We believe that collaborating and working as a team brings out most efficient products," says the founder Ramesh Reddy. Hubord is a company which works on developing the innovative products (Hardware and Software). Cloudlibz is their first product.

Ramesh is a student of computer science and engineering at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. He is currently pursuing his 3rd year in college. He started up Hubord this year with his batch mate Dharmendra Jadon. They are a 3 member core team. While Ramesh and Dharmendra take care of the web development, they have a graphic designer, Sreenath on their team from Kerala. Dharam and Ramesh started learning things online from 2012 and without any official training, developed Cloudlibz. Our strong passion towards work and ability to work hard and learn fast has helped us a lot," says Dharmendra.

The company started in Oct 2013. Cloudlibz aims to be a social collaborative platform specially designed, developed and maintained for Readers and Writers. They are providing a wonderful platform. Authors, Writers and Editors act as service providers. Readers act as service takers. It benefits readers and writers in the following ways:

1) Benefits for Book Writers

  • Collaborative workspace

  • Easily used and Flexible tools.

  • Time saving

  • Cost Effective

  • Automatic conversion between different file types.

  • Easy to sell, publish and reach higher number of audience.

  • Unique Identification.

  • Easy to update and maintain.

2) Benefits for Magazine Writers

  • Wonderful inbuilt designs of cover pages.

  • Easy to choose between different layouts.

  • Reminders to get remind you about the new volume publishing time.

  • Great graphics designed by great graphic designers.

3) Benefits for Readers

  • Read Books.

  • Subscribe Magazines.

  • Download in different formats.

  • Buy Books and Give your comments and reviews.

They aim to be the biggest platform for writing books and magazines with writers collaborating on their platform. They have currently developed the platform on the web, and plan to develop it for mobiles, tablets as well. Once Cloudlibz is out in the market, they have 3 more products in the pipeline which they will start working on. The company now runs from the hostel room of Lovely Professional University and they plan to move out of there after passing out and establish an office in Bangalore, the startup hub of the country.

The company is bootstrapped and consider the internet to be the biggest teacher of all. As a message for future entrepreneurs, they Ramesh says, "Have strong belief in yourself and be passionate about what you are doing. If you are capable of doing hard work nothing can stop you." To this Dharmendra says, "Your hard work is directly proportional to your luck, believe in yourself, work hard and it will definitely bring you good luck."

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