Do you appreciate art like no one in your friend circle but don't know what to and where to buy it in India. Then, this article will answer all your queries and let you remain an art lover that you are.

Cupick is an online platform for artists where they can showcase, sell and promote themselves and their art virtually throughout the world.  It was started by Justin Alva, Shaishav Todi and Rituraj Dowerah from Bangalore with a vision of making art affordable and accessible to the masses. The platform operates somewhat similar to Bluegape and Postergully, but doesn’t focus on merchandise like them. The Bangalore based startup has been successful in raising a decent amount of funding of Rs. 10 lakhs from an HNI till date.

As soon as one sign ups with the platform, they are provided with their own profile page where they can easily upload and showcase their work portfolio. The clean minimalist design of the platform lets your work do all the talking.

With Cupick, the artists don’t only get recognition and fame but also a correct price for their creative marvels. It acts as an awesome link between the art producers and art consumers. Selling one’s work on Cupcik is as simple as uploading it. You just need to select the product that you want to sell, set a price and then post it. Everything else from packaging to shipping to payments to customer service is taken care by the platform so that the artist in you gets the maximum time to relax and make more such wonderful pieces. The platform also makes sure that the art that it sell to its customers is of the finest quality as awesome work produced on a substandard product is a deal breaker.

The online platform provides the artists a means to reach out to more and more people and increase their list of admirers and widen their audience reach.  The platform further helps the artists to set their profits and decide the prices for their artworks in order to achieve these targets. It also provides them with simple analytics tools to track and grow their audience. The platform is absolutely free to use and has no advertisements in order to provide a wonderful user experience. Further, the platform allows the artists to retain the copyright over their artwork using metadata watermark and other protection tools.

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