Bangalore-Based FrontalRain Offers Food Supply Chain Software on the Cloud

India is considered as one of the largest consumers as well as producers of food products all over the world. The sector even plays a crucial role in the economic development of the country. According to the Ministry of Food Processing Industry, India, the market size of processed food is expected to see a threefold rise from Rs. 4,600 billion to Rs. 13,500 billion by next year. FrontalRain Technologies, a Bangalore based startup, is looking to cash on this growing opportunity in the SMB food sector of India by trying to deliver industry specific affordable software products on the cloud.

FrontalRain Technologies makes the food processing and agribusiness companies available with an affordable and on demand supply chain software. The startup has been co-founded by three senior executives from SAP who have a combined product and business development expertise of over 50 years in the enterprise software business. Sreeram P, Jayaram Srinivasan and Ravi Mandayam, the geniuses behind the company, started it with a vision of delivering a collaborative platform for a connected agribusiness ecosystem. The company follows its values of integrity, discipline, dedication, passion, customer focus and teamwork to achieve its mission of delivering an on demand agribusiness solution.

Companies in the processed food manufacturing space are facing a lot of problems like lack of a dependable and strong cold chain, road infrastructure and warehousing infrastructure on a daily basis which somewhere has a huge impact on their functioning and quality but, FrontalRain Technologies has taken a note of these problems and come up with various products to help the companies deal with these problems. The startup offers products like Rain+ Serve, Rain+ Grow, Rain+ Trade, Rain+ Make and Rain+ Move.

Rain+ is an offering by FrontalRain Technologies suitable for an SMB Food company which falls between the 50-500 crore segment and is growing at a fast pace. The product brings together commodity and industry specific business applications, mobile, intranet portal, ecommerce capabilities in a single integrated Information Technology platform which can be implemented within one week.

"Uniqueness of our offerings comes from the combination of industry specific functionality along with the rich mobile and collaboration capabilities at a compelling price point to an under served market" said Jayaram Srinivasan, co- founder & MD, FrontalRain Technologies in a statement to


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