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The articles was originally published in ProductNation (iSpirt) by Ankit Dudhewala, co-founder of SoftwareSuggest.com.


There are plenty of billing & invoicing software available and as per trends most of them are SaaS based unlike to India's own billing and invoicing software 'Tally' which was carrying an image of being poster boy of India's very own billing software since ages and then came Zoho, India's very own SaaS app which is way beyond then just a billing & invoicing software. These are two names you might already knew but infact there are plenty  of  'Made in India' software in billing and invoicing category.

Below are list of 15 #MadeInIndia Billing & Invoicing software available to you, use them and encourage India made products and believe me they are no less then products made by some silicon valley based company.

AccountingGuru - A Web based billing, inventory and accounting software

AccountingGuru has a primary focus on the Indian market. It has almost all the features one will look for in a web based accounting software. The software starts from Rs 1800 per year and goes up to Rs 5000 per year for standard editions.

Busy – An Installation based accounting software with ease of usability and focusing on Indian Business

Busy is a complete accounting and inventory management software. It has a clean design and can be operated with basic training which makes it increasingly popular. The software has a basic package price of Rs 6500 which allows smooth invoicing and billing.

SleekBill - An invoicing and billing software specially designed for Indian businesses, SleekBill sends professional invoices to your clients and automated reminders for payments. It also supports GST.

Crave – An Installation based software made for Indian Business

The basic pricing for Crave India starts from Rs 2500 and goes up to Rs 10000. The full version of the software offers a complete Accounting Software.

Hyper Drive- An Installation and Web based POS Software focusing on Indian Business

Hyper drive is a complete ‘Point of sales’ software which can take care of invoicing, accounting & Point of sale functionality. The software has a clean interface, allows cloud based synchronization and boasts of deep analytics.

Invoicera - A Web based software made by a Delhi based company for the International Market

The basic version of Invoicera is priced at $20 per month and goes up to $100 per month. The software boasts of Recurring billing, Timesheets and API access.

JusBill – A web based invoicing software for Indian market

Besides the invoicing functionality, JusBill also allows its users to fill e-returns on the click of a button. JustBill can be used free for up to 50 customers and the most popular plan costs Rs 999 per month.

Marg Billing- An Installation based software made for the Indian Market

Marg is a complete retailing software and one of the most popular one in the country. The company has more than 300 distributors and partners spread across the country to support its users. The pricing starts at Rs 10000.

OnlineBiller – An Installation & Web based billing software for Indian market

Though the name says OnlineBiller, it has both online and offline billing and invoicing software. The online version of the software is completely free and the offline version can cost from Rs 3000 to Rs 10000. The software has multi-user support, multi language support and in-depth reporting.

Profitbooks- A Web based complete accounting software for the Indian Market

Though Profitbooks is a complete accounting software, it can very well be used for billing and invoicing as well. The pro version is available at Rs 10000 per year (Less than Rs 1000 per month).

ReachAccountant- A Web based accounting software for Indian Business

Reachaccountant is an end to end web based accounting software which can fit in manufacturing, retailing or distribution business. The basic version of the software can full fill the billing and invoicing needs.

Saral Billing- An Installation based software made for Indian Business

Starting from Rs 6000 this software can be used for retailing and wholesale but doesn’t fit for manufacturing companies.

Shimbi MyBilling- A Web based software made by Pune based company for international market

One can use Shambi free for up to 5 customers and for pro version with unlimited customers one has to pay up to $15. The software allows estimate creation and claims design superiority.

Tally- An Installation based software and the most popular software in India

Though Tally is popular for its accounting feature, it is also used for billing and invoicing. The software is priced around Rs 18000 and offers around 40% discount if you are a Chartered Accountant.

ZipBooks - A Web based software for small businesses

ZipBooks is by an Ahmedabad based company named Accusol. The software is a new entry to the indian market and is designed specifically for Small Indian Business.

Zoho Invoice- A Web based software made by Indian company but focuses on the International Market


Wished you could have learned from others implementation mistakes instead of your own.
Raj Purohit said…
Filing a GST return is simple when you have the right kind of software to help you through the process. But when it comes to GST software, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You have two software options: GST-enabled ERP accounting software and GST filing software. Each type has its own purpose and features. Software features vary even further depending on the brand you choose. Before you make a purchase, make sure the software you’re buying has all the essential features your business needs.
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