All the programming enthusiasts out there have a reason to rejoice. Now, practicing programming has become extremely easy and fun with Programmr. Programmr is an online interactive lab for programming students and enthusiasts, who want to practice, learn and become proficient in programming.

Programmr prides itself of being the world's best online coding simulators. It is the only portal available that offers full fledged online coding support for more than 10 platforms which include Android, Java, Ruby, iOS, .NET and SQL. At Programmr’s online interactive lab one can code, compile and run projects in any language right in the browser.

Programmr even lets you create your own applications and then simply share it with the world just as you share a YouTube video. The company’s target audience is aspiring programmers and students who want to test, practice and sharpen their coding skills. The portal has different zones like Ruby, C#, C++, Python or Java Zones etc. which help one learn and excel in a programming language of their own choice.

The online portal's new Auto-faculty module helps one assess their skills in any programming language by taking part in hands on exercises. With their B2B API, anyone and everyone can integrate live code widgets in their websites.

So far, over 330,000 programs have been run to date at Programmr, with 65,000 attempted challenges and nearly 2,000 submitted projects.

At Programmr, the team believes that programming is best learned at your own suited pace and environment. They further believe that one doesn't needs to go to an expensive Information Technology College or enroll in pricy corporate trainings in order to become a good programmer when you can do the same at the comfort of your own house and without paying any money at all. At Programmr, they admire and respect the organisations which teach coding to students online. The company therefore wants to help these organisations by giving them access to its code simulators which will enable them to provide their students with hands on learning, assessment and practice.

Programmr was founded by Rajesh Moorjani back in 2011. He got the idea for Programmr while he was himself enrolled in an advanced programming course at a local community college. While studying there he realized that there needs to be a cheaper and better way to learn programming technologies and that too from the comfort of your own home and then is when he came up with Programmr.

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