Now See How Many Govt. Employees Logged Into Work, Real Time

An inexpensive attendance system has been launched lately by Indian Govt. for India's central government employees that is publicly available on the internet-and potentially, a simple tool that could revolutionize governance in the country.

The online attendance portal is available at - essentially called as Real time Biometric Attendance System (BAS) , the portal is said to have attendance data of more than 50,000 government employees in New Delhi which shows data in real-time.

The system will not only help track the number of registered organisations and employees, but also give a dynamic interface to know the number of people attending office and the count of active devices.

The entire system is searchable, down to the names of individual central government employees, moreover all the data is available for download as well. The system cannot track people leaving in between the check in and check out. But it can track chronic late comers. And the public reporting of data creates pressure on supervisors to ensure compliance.

attendance portal India

Network connectivity will be essential for marking attendance. Therefore, two types of connectivity are being planned with each attendance terminal; one wi-fi connectivity on NICNET/broadband and other SIM based GSM connectivity in the tablet.

The whole system had been developed under the guidance of Ram Sewak Sharma, secretary of information technology and communications.

This real time attendance system is modified version of prototype developed for Jharkhand state -, it was launched in Jharkhand in January 2014 which used to track around 34,000 employees, across 69 departments and 24 districts.

However initially in January this year former AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) government in Delhi had decided to introduce biometric attendance system in the Secretariat and all government offices in the New Delhi to ensure "effective functioning" however AAP govt. resigned off and it finally came into existence after 8 months.

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