IRCTC To Launch Open E-Commerce Platform & A Co-Branded Marketplace

IRCTC has released a new tender which invites bidders for selection for a co-branded marketplace solution provider. This tender has been released just a few weeks after IRCTC had put its ecommerce marketplace on the back burner.

IRCTC floats this tender to call upon Online Retail Marketplace companies or similar to offer a Co-Branded platform to showcase retail, deals, and other services that will be offered from third parties/ retailers, online retailers, Affiliates, brands and service providers or their own inventory or combination thereof to the IRCTC customers to buy online services.

The tender document can be purchased by the bidders for a non-refundable sum of Rs.1000. The document then needs to be submitted along with a demand draft of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

The contract will be valid for a period of 2 years where the IRCTC will be having full rights to change the basis of or procedures.

The bidder will have to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to become a successful bidder.

  • The bidder needs to be an established Information Technology or ecommerce company. The company should further have a successful and functioning online marketplace for a minimum of 2 years. It should also have at least one warehouse in India.

  • The company needs to have annual turnover of Rs. 50 Crores from its B2C ecommerce business in the year 2012-2013.

  • The company must successfully aggregate over five hundred in retail and one lakh SKUs. It should also be able to process 1-20 orders every month in any location on the earth. It must also have past records of managing traffic of 5 million visits in a month.

  • It must cater to a broad spectrum of categories.

  • The company which is bidding should be able to give expedited shipping options which include guaranteed 1 day or 2 day delivery option.

  • The company should not have been blacklisted with any PSU in the past.


The Bidder will have to carry out a list of activities. Some of them are as follows:

  • The company will have to power a co-branded marketplace for IRCTC. The marketplace will have end to end deliveries which will be taken care by the company by providing: open commerce, assisted commerce service and marketplace solution.

  • The bidder will have to provide the IRCTC users with a Seamless, personalized and differentiated shopping experience for deals, retail and services.

  • The bidder will be needed to provide IRCTC with Commission management module, sales dashboard, banner utilizations, traffic conversions reports in reference to each and every category of services and products being made available at the marketplace.

  • The bidder needs to enable co-branded solution with ten categories but with a minimum of one lakh SKUs and five hundred sellers at the time of launch.

  • The bidder will be required to manage social media-Twitter, Facebook, Email, end of season sales, bank campaigns, CRM, Google online shopping festival and other promotions.

  • The bidder will also have to provide technical help for the ecommerce platform. It will have to manage the solution hosted on a cloud or self owned S/W, H/W networks of security components.

  • The bidder will also have to monitor the stocked, booked and delivered products.

  • The bidder will have to provide the users with a secure payment gateway interface.

  • Conformance to B2C supply chain should be made available by integrating with logistics partners.

  • The marketplace should facilitate tax collection between its customers and merchants. Service Tax and VAT linked at the delivery end should be facilitated by the bidder company.


The bids will be evaluated by IRCTC in two stages.  The first stage will be technical and the second will be financial bid. Only the bidders who will pass the first stage will progress to the second stage.

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