Gmail for Android Soon Support Other Email Services Like Yahoo & Outlook

All the Gmail users on Android have a reason to rejoice. If some sources are to be believed, Google is in midst of planning a big update for Gmail users on Android devices which would finally allow them to handle email accounts from other service providers like AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook etc. People at Android Police have apparently discovered some evidences of a redesigned Gmail Android App that is expected to launch soon in the market.

The new redesigned app is all set to follow the tech giant’s new Material Design language. The app would have a much cleaner and brighter design than the previous one and include round icons and support for third party email accounts. Google Mail famously known as Gmail always supported POP3 accounts but this new update of third party email integration will allow users to make their phone cluster free by dumping all other email applications. According to The Verge, IMAP, POP and Exchange are also supported.

The long anticipated update can be expected to be launched anytime soon in the coming weeks. This new update will surely make Android users at par with iOS users, as Apple’s iOS already supports multiple email accounts. Although Android itself has had a dedicated Email app for all services, the app is called the "email" app available as pre-loaded in all Android phones by default.

Have a look at the unified Gmail app for Android in the video tour below brought to you by Android Police.

Apple's iOS has long supported multiple email accounts, so you Android folks out there will finally get on par — although, to be honest, if you’re still using antiquated email services today, then you’ve only got what you deserve up to this point.

Top Image - Gaharoni [Flickr]

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