Who doesn't likes appreciation and when it comes from your own friends, it just makes your day. ZenQ is a new app in town which lets you appreciate your friends and as the app says, ZenQ is Ze way to say 'thank you' and appreciate your awesome friends in zeconds.

Zenq lets you swipe through your friends and endorsing them for their positive personal qualities. lets say one is simply amazing, another is charming, fun, energetic etc. It also lets you find out what makes YOU awesome in your friends' view. Discover your key strengths based on what they appreciate most about you.

Anyone can login in to ZenQ using their Facebook profile. The app is currently in beta and is 4.8M in size. It requires Android 4.0.3 and up to function properly. ZenQ by Mihai Costea is available absolutely free of cost for iOS and Android users.

The app even lets you find out what makes you awesome and loved in your gang of friends. It lets you discover your key strengths based on what your near and dear ones appreciate most about you. The app just adds the missing positive motivation that we all require in our lives.

zenq Android app screens

It even lets you return the favour to the person who made your day by being extra nice to you. You can return the favour by searching him/her and then leaving a message or endorsing a couple of qualities. Let the world know that how special and nice they are.

The app has some great testimonials to its credit. According to Iulian Novac, Mind Valley, “It’s ridiculous how simple it is and how much value it brings. Another testimony from Rune Sovndahl, First Online Solutions states "We all have traits that are positive and having them highlighted is great." Another one from Brian Kalma, Blade says, "I love this app. I'm already using it every day. It’s a perfect way to start the day off on a positive note. My wife and I are at a point in life where we are really focused on staying positive and living a happy life, and gratitude rituals are a big part of it. This is awesome for us."

ZenQ believes in only one thing and that is spreading love, having fun and being happy.

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