Going out drinking & hosting parties at home just got easier with online discovery tools for discounts in pubs and bars and its is - VGulp. Vgulp, which stands for "We gulp" helps you gulp at the most happening pubs for less.

VGulp, a Bangalore based online startup provide best information on watering holes and wine barrels along with real monetary value with offers, deals, discounts and knowledge. The portal curates the best deals on alcohol in town - Unlimited booze, free starters, discounts on bills, group discounts, packages and listings for best places in town to drink.

You can save anywhere from 10-50% on your next gulping event in more than 200 pubs, currently in Bangalore. VGulp as an online services are available through the standard exclusive offers or on demand offers tailor made to meet your requirements. Alternatively, you can also use VGulp's comprehensive happy hour search and recommendation engine featuring the more intrinsic details that are updated once every two weeks. You can also browse photos, see videos, get location information, contact details and know the features pubs offer among others. The services are completely free for users and its doesn't charge users a penny for this. website

Anand Janardhanan, Co-founders of VGulp said - "We intend to be the online destination for gulpers across India and beyond. As a part of which, we launched Gulp Mag - The what to drink, where to drink, how to drink education online magazine and Gulp Wiki - The directory plus wiki of Liquor Brands, and Spirits in India. We are also working on a mobile app focussed on social engagement features."

Officially registered in September 2013, VGulp worked with more than 50 bars and have delivered more than 4000 group walk-ins till date resulting in more than INR 2CR worth of business. The startup is growing at 40% MoM, with a 10% virality upwards. Vgulp makes money through a premium listing model, deal advertisement and a deal commission model.

VGulp also states that it does not support or promote the abuse of alcohol in any means. It aggregate and distribute information and do not own them. Deals are owned by the respective restaurants/bars.

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