There are millions of blogs to read and hundreds of apps distributing content. They are just pieces of individual opinions and news mongering without any expert backing. People are sharing content everywhere but no one thinks about the authenticity of the content. Bangalore based Patterbuzz started with a principle in mind. "There is enough authentic content from Indian authors/writers in the world. It needs to reach people in the way they want it and on all their devices with the best reading experience. We believe that well written articles are created after painstaking research and numerous cups of coffee and sleepless nights. And this is why the journalists and authors deserve their due," says the founder Amit. Patterbuzz separates premium and exclusive content from the noise.

[caption id="attachment_94269" align="alignleft" width="194"]Amit Goel, Founder - PatterBuzz Amit Goel, Founder - PatterBuzz[/caption]

Amit came up with the idea in early 2012. Patterbuzz is the first platform in India to enable micropayments in content. It lets you buy a cover story for as low as Rs 2/- as opposed to buy a magazine for Rs 100/- and you can buy it by just sending an SMS. There is no such platform which unbundles the content and lets people chose on what they want. "Patterbuzz enables content discovery much better. Users discover content over the internet. In our iPAD app, People just select the type of content they wish to read and we curate the content 'editorially and algorithmically' for better content consumption experience," adds Amit.

They make sure that the content is authentic by partnering with the publishers. All the magazines and articles from various publishers on our platform are published after partnerships are completed. With their Android app recently launched on google play and already have an iOS App, Patterbuzz will now allow all the android users across the world to get the taste of original Indian content. "Our platform is growing and many more well-known magazines and authors are going to join Patterbuzz in next 3 months. Our focus is to get the best available content from India for users across the world," he adds.

[caption id="attachment_94270" align="aligncenter" width="700"]patterbuzz_ipad_app PatterBuzz iPad App[/caption]

Patterbuzz wants people to read the best of information from the original and authentic sources. Their team of 7 people working from Bangalore are working together to make Patterbuzz vision realize and let people get they wish to read. The content can be bought from their website as well.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Amit says "If you want to make a difference to people’s lives, give a few years to do it. Might be a few years for you, but it can change their whole life."

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