The process of hiring has always been a problem. Be it for companies which are hiring or people who are being hired. The complexities and challenges involved to make a perfect hire takes away all the excitement in the process. Sumit Gupta and Harsimran Walia thought of a process which is easy, quick and most importantly interesting and made a platform called GrownOut. They 'One can find anything in his network, he just needs to look deeper'.

With the recent revolutions in Internet, there was a tremendous need of modernization of hiring solutions. Many of the companies still rely on old school thought of database utilization. "I have personally been working in this industry for quite some time. I have seen organizations spending lots of their energy struggling to find suitable candidates despite existing solutions," says Harsimran. "The average turnaround time is much better than other methods. Retention rate is better for employees hired through this medium. Overall, I believe this was a much needed product in the market," adds Sumit.

GrownOut is a Gurgaon based startup and have launched its first version in March 2014.

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They believe in an ideology of 'hiring through one's network'. Un-noticeably, we use the same phenomenon in our daily lives. For example, if you are looking for a good dentist in your area, you turn to your friends first to seek this information. Also, you are going to trust this person over someone picked up from any directory since it was ‘referred’ by your friend. 10 creative enthusiasts based in New Delhi are using the same method to help people get jobs.

Here are some features of the platform:

  1. Customized Network: Create a network that extends to your employees, friends and colleagues.

  2. Smart Search & Profile Match: Powerful filters like demography, industry, skills, experience and location, recruiters can narrow down their selections of candidates and further streamline their selection process.

  3. Automated Referral Hiring: Recruiters can pinpoint who they need to interview and ask the common connection for a referral directly.

  4. Impressions on The Web: GrownOut provides admittance to the professional and social biography of a prospective candidate on the web and helps them create the right impression with hiring executives.

  5. Applicant Tracking System: GrownOut has an inbuilt application tracking system that helps you manage your entire hiring process in one go. From posting jobs, screening resumes to generating requests for interviews to tracking application status, everything you need is customized on the GrownOut platform.

  6. Network Insights: Details about the strength of the network, industry focus, and average hire time are all available at the click of a button. Their analysis tools help recruiters figure out what is, and is not working in their favor for better hiring.


GrownOut have received funding from Mr. Niraj Singh (Outbox Holdings Pvt Ltd) in the past few months (amount undisclosed). The team aims to make hiring simpler by researching on efficient ways to make things better for. They will be extending our platform to make it a 'one stop hiring platform.'

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Sumit says, "I think a venture always start with a very simple idea. When you are venturing into something, make sure to ask some very critical questions like how it is making the current situation better and by what degree. Monetization and revenue should not be the primary concern. If you manage to build something very useful, money always follows."

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