Facebook to launch new feature to search old posts from your mobile

Facebook, the Social networking giant, is working on a new feature which will let users search through their friend’s old posts that too by using keywords.  Facebook is currently testing this feature for the Facebook app. According to Bloomberg, the tool is only available to some people for now.

The Keyword search results will remain true to the sharing settings that were used when the post was posted, this means people will be only be able to see content or posts that they are permitted to see.

So if you posted a bizarre update in 2009, this feature would make it a lot easier for your friends to dig it up. All they'd have to do is search for it.

Using the feature, if you want to see old posts related to Kirti Sharma's wedding, you just need to search "Kirti Sharma Wedding".

Facebook is running the test of the new feature on mobile devices as it continues to roll out its Graph Search product to smartphones and tablet computers.

Facebook is constantly coming up with new features so as to keep the users engaged with its social networking platform.  The California based Company introduced "Graph Search" last year. The Graph search allowed Facebook users to search people based on the pages t hey have liked, location and education and much more.  This feature is still work in progress and hasn't been made available to all the 1.3 billion people on the social networking platform. Facebook makes use of Microsoft’s Bing search to scour content into its social networking site.

So, all the Facebook users out there, be ready to get embarrassed as your old posts will soon be back to haunt you!

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